WWE WrestleMania 29 Card: Pros and Cons of John Cena Defeating The Rock

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer IApril 7, 2013

Photo Credit: WWE.com
Photo Credit: WWE.com

WrestleMania 29 boasts a monumental clash between John Cena and The Rock, as Cena attempts to avenge his loss to the superstar in WrestleMania 28.

Everyone has his or her own opinion as to what the final outcome should be, whether it be Cena emerging at the top of the WWE again or The Rock putting the former WWE champion in his place once again.

Here are the pros and cons of John Cena defeating The Rock on Sunday at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, in my eyes.



John Cena Becomes the Attraction He Once Was

Cena has won 12 world titles in his career (winning the WWE Championship 10 times and the World Heavyweight Championship twice), but he hasn't been WWE champion since the summer of 2011. That's a long, painful stretch for a wrestler who used to dominate just about everybody.

Some would like to see the former champion tap into his glory days once again. Others don't want to see a 35-year-old continue to tempt them—winning every once in a while, but failing to be the constant threat he once was.

But what's worse? Cena winning every now and then in spectacular fashion or gradually declining like an aging wrestler who doesn't know when to quit?


John Cena Proves Why He's One of the Greatest of This Generation

There are few wrestlers who can excite like The Rock. Cena has proven he can do just that, and he still has the ability to create a high-octane match with the giant. If he can't defeat The Rock, who reasonably will take his place? 

There's still a place for Cena, who still believes that he could have beaten The Rock at WrestleMania 28 if it weren't for that one big mistake. He won the 2013 Royal Rumble match, and he defeated CM Punk in February to earn his place pitted against The Rock.



The Rock Bows Out

The Rock may have worked Extreme Rules in May, but many believe he's on his way out to pursue other ventures, including other movies.

It would be a sad day if The Rock left the WWE for good, but we all know he can't do this for much longer. There's going to come a time (perhaps now) that he leaves the ring and never comes back.

After all the spectacular moments The Rock has provided and after he came back to us in truly shocking fashion, it would be a shame to lose that greatness again.


The Showdown Drags On

The only thing worse than The Rock leaving the WWE would be if Cena beats him and then their rivalry drags on without any sense of direction. It's one thing to create intrigue—the WWE is known for doing this. It's quite another to make things "interesting" without, well, making them interesting.

A Cena victory could pave the way for a showdown between the two at Extreme Rules in May or SummerSlam in August. That could be another thrilling match—or it could start to become monotonous. The Rock should go out with a bang—a gradual exit doesn't fit one of the most electric wrestlers of our time.