Chad Johnson Is the New Terrell Owens

Michael HonContributor IApril 2, 2008

After watching SportsCenter talking about Chad Johnson once again, I thought to myself, "Is it just me or is the five-time Pro Bowler becoming another version of T.O.?"

The answer: Yes.

While boasting great stats across the board, he is suddenly realizing that he is in a situation where he has a slim-to-none chance of winning the big game and getting the ring desired by all NFL players.

While his stats have improved, the Bengals’ record somehow seems to be decreasing each and every season since the playoff year a few years back.

Chad knows that now is his time, and he is one of the game’s premier wide receivers. He can say almost anything he wants and people will still love him.

Doesn't this seem like deja vu? I mean, wasn't it Terrell Owens that pulled the same stunt twice, first as a 49er, then as an Eagle?

I mean, he DID get into the playoffs and get to the Super Bowl only to lose to the Patriots by a field goal as an Eagle. But, as the year went on, Terrell Owens' feelings became more and more evident, and finally was suspended by the team and later cut.

Owens had stats that couldn't be argued with, and so does Johnson.

While both players, in my mind, are the greatest reasons to watch a touchdown celebration, they also want to win a championship in the NFL.

You know that Chad Johnson will not stay silent about this. "Chad is watching out for Chad" and you know what? I don't blame him.

I'm not saying that the Bengals are a bad team; I'm just saying this will not work out and sooner or later, Chad Johnson will be wearing a different uni.

Even if the Bengals hate him, Ocho Cinco will be Ocho Cinco, and he will end up like Terrell "Get Your Popcorn Ready" Owens. Which, if you look at it, hasn't been a bad thing, has it?

As I quote Drew Rosenhaus, "Next question"