March Madness Social Media Highlight Video

Alex BallentineFeatured ColumnistApril 6, 2013

March Madness isn't just a basketball tournament—it's one of America's greatest traditions. 

Every year, the NCAA tournament is one of the most highly anticipated sporting events of the year for its unpredictability and pageantry, and it has certainly lived up to the hype this year as well. 

From improbable upsets and buzzer-beaters to jaw-dropping performances and bitter heartbreak, the 2013 tournament has had it all. And we sports fans have been glued to the TV watching every single minute. 

The expansion of social media allows fan interaction and reaction more than ever, and America has had plenty to say.

Individual legacies have been made. Players like Louisville's Russ Smith, Michigan's Trey Burke and Ole Miss' Marshall Henderson etched their names in March lore. Players like Georgetown's Otto Porter Jr. and Gonzaga's Kelly Olynyk felt the agony of premature defeat. 

Whether it be the upset-filled opening rounds that saw teams like Harvard, La Salle and Ole Miss literally light some brackets on fire or the dominance of teams like Louisville and Syracuse, the Twittersphere has had more than enough to react to.

From Florida Gulf Coast (a.k.a. "Dunk City") becoming an overnight sensation on their way to a Sweet 16 berth to the outpouring of support for Louisville's Kevin Ware after his gruesome leg injury against Duke, fans interacted with the tournament like never before. 

Check out the video above as we recap the tournament along with the fans who rejoiced, lashed out and burned their brackets to a tourney that certainly lived up to the March Madness moniker.