Marcus Lattimore: Video Highlights from Former South Carolina RB

Sean ODonnellContributor IIIApril 26, 2013

Marcus Lattimore: Video Highlights from Former South Carolina RB

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    Former running back of South Carolina Marcus Lattimore could have been the top prospect at his position in this year's draft. Unfortunately, a gruesome knee injury dashed those hopes immediately. 

    Lattimore has recovered nicely since and was even able to work out during his pro day. However, questions still remain about his ability to fully return to preinjury form.

    If he can return to form, he could be one of the most dominant running backs to come out of the 2013 NFL draft. His stock has dropped due to his recent injury, but that could enable him to carry the biggest value in the draft.

    Here are some highlights of Lattimore before his injury that could be an indication of what he may be capable of at the next level.

21-Yard Run vs. Florida, 2010

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    This is a great example of a cutback run to the weak side of the field.

    Lattimore starts in the slot as a receiver then shifts to the deep back in the I formation. He makes a nice initial step toward the strong side behind his fullback, but has to hesitate slightly due to a poorly executed exchange with the quarterback.

    However, he keeps his head downfield during the exchange and sees a huge gap open up on the left side. Lattimore accelerates quickly behind some nice blocking and finds open field.

    He continues his momentum to beat out ensuing defenders and get in for the score. He easily turned a slightly botched play into a huge touchdown. That is the definition of a game-changer.

26-Yard Run vs. Tennessee, 2012

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    This is a much different look for a Lattimore run. He is now in shotgun formation with a three-wide set.

    Lattimore accelerates very quickly and almost hits full stride by the time he reaches the line of scrimmage.

    Going through the line, he lowers his pad level and protects the football nicely. He powers forward with his legs and easily avoids the reach of two defenders.

    All that is left is for Lattimore is to turn on the jets and beat the secondary to the end zone, which he does very easily. This is a very quick, but very explosive run.

52-Yard Reception vs. Vanderbilt, 2011

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    The screen play is yet another area of the game in which Lattimore is a huge weapon.

    In the beginning of the play, Lattimore gets through the line nicely, but his blockers are way out in front. There is a good six yards of separation by the time he gets the football in his hands.

    This allows free runners to close in on his position. Lattimore sees this by keeping his eyes down the field and cuts back inside off of his blocker's left hip.

    Next, he sees a defender bearing down on his left and cuts back to the right behind his next blocker, which sets up another beautiful block to spring him into the open field.

    Lattimore hits his next gear in the clear and easily beats every defender in a footrace to the end zone. He showed absolute terrific vision throughout this entire play.

6-Yard Run vs. ECU, 2012

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    Running out of yet another formation, Lattimore is now lined up on the weak side in shotgun formation in a two-tight end set.

    Lattimore immediately starts crossing over toward the strong side of the field and for a second looks like he will sweep around the outside of the line.

    Just as he is on the backside of the right tackle, Lattimore makes a quick cutback into the interior of the line. From there, it is pure strength that gets him into the end zone.

    Lattimore's combination of low pad level, good acceleration and his ability to constantly keep his legs churning easily pushes back two defenders on his way to a score.

29-Yard Run vs. Vanderbilt, 2012

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    Again, Lattimore runs out of the shotgun formation with two tight ends on each side of the line.

    Lattimore explodes toward the line immediately while keeping his head up to find a huge hole created by the offensive line.

    He is not touched until he is near the 10-yard line. At this point, Lattimore has one defender in front of him and one bearing down on him from behind.

    He makes a small move toward the inside against the deep defender and lowers his head, bracing for contact. However, that inside move was enough to make the defender miss almost completely.

    Even though Lattimore is moving with high momentum and has his pads lowered, he is able to keep his balance and remain upright to beat the tailing defender to the end zone.

15-Yard Run vs. Auburn, 2011

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    Lattimore shows off his strength in this 15-yard scamper against Auburn.

    Running out of the shotgun formation, Lattimore cuts to the the weak side of the field on the trap. He makes very subtle cuts while heading into the second wave of defenders, keeping his momentum going forward.

    This is enough to make any defender that gets in his vicinity completely miss on an arm tackle. Defenders are absolutely forced to wrap up Lattimore if they want a chance to bring him down.

    This strong run allows Lattimore to break six tackles in a matter of moments on his way in for the score.

Highlight Reel vs. LSU, 2012

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    In this short highlight reel of Lattimore's performance against a very stout LSU defense, the main takeaway here is his toughness running between the tackles.

    Lattimore takes snaps from a more conventional offense and accelerates up the gut very nicely. He gets his pad level down, keeps churning his legs and accelerates through contact.

    Once he is contacted, he does not stop his leg movement. Instead, he continues to drive forward and finish runs with authority, allowing him to gain extra yards after contact.

    His short touchdown run in this series is very impressive. Again, he slips away from arm tackles and stabilizes his balance to keep himself upright for an extra two yards to allow him to go in for the score.

Pro-Day Highlights and Interview

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    Possibly the most impressive feat that Lattimore accomplished during his collegiate career is being able to work out at his pro day only six months removed from surgery.

    Lattimore worked out for scouts from all 32 teams and even received an ovation upon the completion of his workout. It was very clear that everyone in attendance was impressed with the strength, character and recovery of this prospect.