WWE: Could There Be Plans to Introduce NXT Women's Championship Soon?

Christopher OlmsteadSenior Analyst IIIApril 6, 2013


WWE currently has one Divas division which is represented by the Divas Championship. Given the success of this division and title, it only makes sense for WWE to add a championship belt for the NXT Divas to compete for.

Well, I guess that theory is flawed given the fact that the current Divas division is anything but successful. However, that apparently hasn't stopped WWE from considering adding a new belt to NXT.

Currently being displayed at WWE WresleMania Axxess is a NXT Women's Championship.


For those of you who are not aware, the only titles that are currently being used in NXT are the NXT Championship and NXT Tag Team Championship. The small but talented NXT Divas currently do not have a title to compete for. As of the writing of this article, there is no word on when or if the displayed title will ever be used on TV.

That being said, I think that adding a NXT Women's Championship would be great for the product.

The current NXT Divas are Audrey Marie, Emma, Paige, Sasha Banks and Summer Rae. Those five Divas are more than capable of carrying the NXT Divas Division and making a potential NXT Women's Championship viable.

Having a NXT Women's Championship will also allow those Divas to have more exposure. By crowning one of them as champion, WWE is sending its audience a message that they see potential in said Diva, and she could be a force on the main roster.

A potential belt would also create a talking point for NXT Divas as they join the main roster. When a rookie Diva debuts, she would immediately have some credibility as a former NXT Women's Champion. 

Another perk to adding the belt is that it would give the NXT Divas a purpose. Sure, you can have them fight every week without a belt. Having the belt as an end-goal, though, will allow more opportunity to build feuds and storylines.

Ultimately, the pros of adding this belt to NXT far outweigh any cons. If having a championship for them helps to better train even one Diva for the main roster, I'm all in.