Headbanger Thrasher Interview: Current Tag Team Division, WrestleMania 29, More

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photo courtesy of wwe.com
photo courtesy of wwe.com

On April 3, 2013, I had the pleasure of speaking with former WWE Superstar Glen “Headbanger Thrasher” Ruth on my wrestling radio show, Oh You Didn’t Know!?, on ProWrestlingPowerhouse.com Radio to discuss his time in WWE, the flying nuns gimmick, the current tag team division and more.

When I began talking with Thrasher, the first question dealt with transitioning from Glen Ruth the enhancement talent wrestling Marty Jannetty on the second episode of Monday Night Raw to Headbanger Thrasher.

It wasn’t that much of a transition. The way I was brought up in this business, I went to the wrestling school at the Monster Factory with Larry Sharpe who has trained tons of tons of former champions and champions to this day, but we were always taught to pay your dues and the part of paying your dues was getting the snot kicked out of you by the veterans and everything else that’s how you learn to respect the business that you’re in. So it wasn’t much that I want to say first three years in the business that’s all I did…against all of them Taker, Flair, Marty Jannetty was the second episode of Monday Night Raw from the Manhattan Center so it was more or less a learning experience, it was my foot in the door, they knew who I was, we went out and made up a gimmick and everyone really loved it.

Thrasher discussed training Mosh after he went through training himself. Mosh and Thrasher actually grew up near each other and sort of knew who each other were. They got along very well right away and would begin their career as a tag team in USWA.

This was Jerry “the King” Lawler’s promotion. There, they were known as the Spiders and they used to wear hoods. Eventually they would connect with Jim Cornette, who would help them transition to the Headbangers gimmick.

One of my co-hosts “The Prophet” Rick Craig then asked Thrasher about the lesser-known Flying Nuns and Sisters of Love gimmick that Mosh and Thrasher went through.

A lot of people say they don’t remember it, but every time I do these interviews everyone always bring it up and they always talk about it...you know why they pulled the plug so early? They were getting a lot of feedback from the churches and everything else. I will never forget the way it was brought to us is Vince is like we are doing this new thing and it’s called shotgun Saturday night. We’re going to be in all the bars in New York City doing matches…you guys are off the wall that’s you guys that’s going to be your show. It's Headbanger attitude stuff, but I wanted to tie you guys into something else also so he came to us with the nun thing and the way he presented to us was you remember Sally Fields in the flying nun TV show? I’m like no, I don’t remember that at all. He’s like yeah she had a real big hat and she could fly and this that and the other thing. We were like whatever you want us to do you’re the boss you tell us what you want. So he came up with it what he was going to do was we were still going to be the Headbangers on Monday night Raw, SmackDown and all the other shows, but on Shotgun Saturday night we were going to do the sisters of love and they’d tie it all together by saying look how crazy these Headbangers are they don’t care what they wear all they want to do is get in there and fight. But that got squashed before it ever had feet to walk on. But the funniest thing is we’re off in New York City doing promos for it and everything else and we pull up in front of the big giant church up in New York City the real big one, and it's in the middle of the day. Vince is like go up there were wearing all of our nun outfits. He’s like go up there and pray and were going to cut a little spot of you guys doing that. But as were up there doing that the church doors open in the middle of the afternoon. Here comes this old lady come walking out…she sees us, all she can see is these nuns bowing their heads and praying she comes over and she huddling in with us and starts praying with us…right as were getting done she looks up and sees our beards and nose rings and …starts beating the living #$%% out of us with her purse and all you see is Vince kick open the window and door screaming GET IN!!!

After a bit of a laugh, Craig asked Thrasher about Bruce Prichard, who Thrasher had very positive things to say about.

Another question for Thrasher dealt with whether or not he was supposed to work against Chaz in 1999. However, Thrasher explained that the team broke up because he had to go through two separate knee surgeries. This would ultimately lead to Chaz switching to the Beaver Cleavage gimmick.

The final topic of conversation during the interview was about the current product. I asked Thrasher his thoughts on the current product. He would explain his thoughts on the tag team division, which included some predictions for WrestleMania 29.

You know, it's just the fact that they have those jobs with different clientele or viewers. I guess that’s why they scaled back to PG, just because they wanted to target different viewers; of course I think it's different. I’m used to the attitude era where everything and anything went, but the way the tag team situation is now there is none so you can't really say there’s a tag team division because there isn’t one; you have two solid teams to me putting two guys together and call them a tag team doesn’t make them a tag team. They have to work together in the ring together to be a tag team; they look alike, they complement each other and everything else. I think the Prime Time Players, they should be really really good, but with that being said, do I see them being used properly and everything else? No. The same thing with the Usos. I think they have something really good; also, they look alike, they complement each other. Ricky Roberts and Rock 'n' Roll Express, they complement each other. Hawk and Animal, they complemented each other. You could tell when they got in a ring yeah they’ve been together for a while, and to me that’s what made tag teams so good back then was people could get emotionally attached to a tag team back then because they knew they’d be together after WrestleMania after SummerSlam. You think Kane and Daniel Bryan will be together after WrestleMania? I really don’t I see them dropping the straps to Ziggler and Big E and everything else at WrestleMania. I actually see that happening, and then I can see Kane and Daniel Bryan being separate. You can't get emotionally attached to the tag teams when they throw two singles guys together at all…do I blame Vince for throwing two guys together and making them a tag team absolutely not. You gotta look at it through the business end of a guy running a company…

Thrasher is certainly not alone. The entire podcast team, as well as many fans, would agree that WWE Superstars are not characters anymore. At least, not as many characters as there used to be. Thrasher praised Fandango, Santino and Zack Ryder for creating real characters. The biggest complaint was that many people are trying to be just like Stone Cold Steve Austin. Superstars are just trying to recreate Austin’s famous gimmick.

You can listen to the full interview and podcast by clicking here (some language NSFW).

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