Zach Ertz: Video Highlights for Former Stanford TE

Joseph BrunoCorrespondent IApril 25, 2013

Zach Ertz: Video Highlights for Former Stanford TE

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    Stanford tight end Zach Ertz is considered the second-best tight end in the draft and was once thought to have a chance to go before Notre Dame’s Tyler Eifert.

    Now Ertz is firmly planted in the early second round, and any team that drafts him will be getting a nice matchup problem in the passing game. Ertz is a good route-runner and has good hands along with deceptive speed for the position.

    Although each video is longer, the specific play I will be talking about in each slide is the first one that plays.

    Here is a look back at some great plays from Ertz's 2012 season.

Pancake Block at California, 2012

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    Although tight ends nowadays are more known for their receiving ability than anything else, if the guy can block, it’s a huge plus.

    Ertz gets underneath the defensive lineman off the ball and just tosses him down, and then doesn’t stop during the play.

    He then keeps going and not only throws down the next California defender, but also runs over his own teammate in the process.

Comeback Against Notre Dame, 2012

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    The small plays are sometimes the more impressive in my opinion, and Ertz really helped his quarterback out on this play.

    The pocket is starting to collapse around the quarterback, so he decides to just throw it up close to Ertz, who had some separation on his defender.

    Instead of just waiting for the pass to come to him, Ertz comes back and goes up to get the ball; then the defender holds on as best he can until his teammates come in to finish the tackle.

Showing Concentration vs. Washington State, 2012

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    Zach Ertz could be a quarterbacks’ best friend with his big frame; he shows that he is not afraid to go across the middle in this reception versus Washington State.

    Ertz goes up to get the ball with a defender right in his face. A lot of receivers would get distracted by the defender, and more times than not, that ball would be dropped.

    Then there is the danger of getting lit up in the middle of the field, but Ertz makes sure to catch the ball before being hit by two defenders.

Red Zone Threat

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    The next few plays in the video showcase the type of threat Ertz can be in the red zone for any team at the next level.

    Ertz has good body control and is able to box out the defender on the first play of this video. He has the quick feet to create some separation as well off the line of scrimmage.

    The third play shows Ertz running a quick out to the flat and shows that he knows how to twist his body and make sure he gets in the end zone

Touchdown vs. USC, 2012

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    Ertz shows his versatility in my opinion on this play as he's split outside against a smaller cornerback.

    After getting a clean release off the line, Ertz sets the defender up multiple times by going in and out, which gives him some huge separation.

    Ertz is then able to cut out of the way of a closing defender and get into the end zone for another touchdown in a big game versus USC.

Touchdown Catch Against Oregon, 2012

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    In the NFL, players won’t be able to just run away from defenders and have to get used to having guys draped all over them.

    That’s exactly what is going on in this play as Ertz has the defender wrapped around his waist with his arm right in his face.

    Ertz doesn’t lose concentration; he jumps over the guy and grabs the ball while making sure to keep his feet in bounds and score a touchdown.

Bull Rush vs. Oregon, 2012

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    This may not seem like some huge play, but personally I love to see a player not just run out of bounds when given the opportunity.

    Ertz had a guy right in his face when he made the catch and should have only gained about two yards on the play.

    Instead, Ertz lowers his shoulder and puts it into the defender's chest on his way to about a five-yard gain.