The 6 Craziest MMA Fights Ever

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The 6 Craziest MMA Fights Ever
Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

Since the days of gladiators gracing the sands of the Coliseum and competing for throngs of cheering plebs, fight sports have always been about spectacle.  

Audiences relish seeing the outlandish. In ancient Rome, it might have been watching a gladiator armed with nothing more than a net and trident take on a man-eating tiger. And as much as we might hate to admit it, our human curiosities and interests really haven't changed in 2000 years.

While MMA is tame in comparison to gladiatorial combat (no one is executed on a whim), it still operates on the same principles. Fans buy tickets and order expensive pay-per-view events hoping to witness something amazing or better yet...crazy. That's why you're reading this article.  

So with that I'll end the anthropological musings and allow you to sit back, relax and read about these six fights guaranteed to satiate your appetite for crazy MMA action. These fights are brimming with so much awesomeness that they would have left our ancient Roman brethren slack-jawed.


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