TNA X-TRAVAGANZA 2013 Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Highlights

Tim Keeney@@t_keenContributor IApril 6, 2013

WrestleMania 29 may be on the mind of most wrestling fans, but TNA put on an electrifying pay-per-view Friday night. 

X-Travaganza, the first showing of TNA's new, one-night-only, pre-taped PPV showings, was exactly what it sounds like: A showcase of the X-division. 

A night of legendary, current and future stars putting on a show—not through brute force, but through technical prowess. A night of no-limit, high-octane wrestling. A night of high-risk, high-wire entertainment. 

Let's take a look at what happened. 



X-scape Cage Match: Christian York defeats Jimmy Rave, Alex Silva, Matt Bentley, Lince Dorado, Sam Shaw and Puma


In this seven-man cage match, by rule, the first five eliminations would come via pinfall. When we were down to the final two wrestlers, the first man to scale the cage and touch the outside floor would be crowned the winner.

Here are how the first five pins went: 

Elimination No. Wrestler Eliminated Wrestler
1 Christian York Eliminated Lince Dorado
2 Sam Shaw Eliminated Puma
3 Matt Bentley Eliminated Alex Silva
4 Jimmy Rave Eliminated Sam Shaw
5 Christian York Eliminated Matt Bentley

That left York and Rave as the last two standing. It appeared as though Rave was going to immediately escape, but York landed a massive Super Mood Swing off the top rope and climbed his way to victory.

Overall, this was unsurprisingly a match with tons of jaw-dropping, athletic spots. Despite feeling a little clunky at times, it was highly entertaining.



Doug Williams & Kid Kash defeat Tony Nese and Rasad Cameron


This is what the X-division is all about. 

In a battle of old school vs. new school, there was back-and-forth action, amazing spots by every wrestler involved, several moves that left you on the edge of your seat and all-around scintillating action. 

Tony Nese may have stolen the show with some galvanizing, high-flying moves—including a truly amazing flip over the top ropes where he landed on his feet—but in the end, old school won out when Williams was able to roll up Nese with the Chaos Theory to end the thrilling match. 



Chavo Guerrero defeats Robbie E


Robbie E came out to the ring and started talking about how he invented the X-division in a very solid promo, but he was quickly interrupted by Guerrero, who has his own claim to the division. 

After some bickering, they decided to fight for it, with none other than Joseph Park as the guest referee. 

It was a decent match, and Guerrero landed the pin after connecting with the Three Amigos and Five-Star Frog Splash. Robbie wasn't happy with Park afterwards, but the special ref hit him with a shoulder tackle. 



Kenny King defeats Rubix, Zema Ion and Mason Andrews in an Ultimate X Match


The power and explosiveness from King. The high-wire moves from Rubix and Zema Ion. The athleticism of Andrews. The alluring draw of an Ultimate X Match. This one had it all. 

Every wrestler put together several innovative, "Did-he-just-do-that?" spots, and many of them impressively involved all four wrestlers. The crowd was into this match arguably more than any other one during the night, constantly letting out "ooh's" and "ahh's" and chants of ""This is awesome."

Much like many other Ultimate X Matches, this is one that you would want to watch again. Several times. 

In the end, Rubix climbed the wire and grabbed the "X," but King caught him and stole it from his grasp before he had officially gotten both feet on the ground.



Christopher Daniels and Kazarian defeat Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams


It's hard to say who impressed most because every wrestler was seemingly at his best in yet another incredibly exciting match with a slew of athletic spots. 

In the end, though, Bad Influence scored the win when they hit Dutt with the Fade to Black and BME, but Dutt and Williams would get revenge. 

When the winning duo tried to beat up on Dutt, Kazarian accidentally hit Daniels, and then Petey re-entered the ring to hit Kazarian with the Canadian Destroyer. 



Rob Van Dam defeats Jerry Lynn


What an appropriate way to say farewell to legend Jerry Lynn. Not only was it against longtime rival Rob Van Dam, but it was a fascinating no disqualification match that didn't disappoint. 

After being sent through a table and power-bombed on a chair by Lynn, RVD returned the favor with a drop-kick that sent Lynn through a table that was set up outside the ring. He then brought the legend back inside, hit him with the Five-Star Frog Splash and earned the pin. 

However, Lynn was met with applause by the rest of the roster at the top of the ramp. 



Twitter Reaction


York may have technically left the cage as victorious, but he wasn't the only "winner" of the night's first match (via Pulse Wrestling):

The second match had more of the same, as it was Nese and Cameron who impressed, despite coming away with the loss (via Robert Merkel):

The battle between Robbie E and Guerrero, however, wasn't met with quite as much acclaim (via Chris Regal):

The Ultimate X Match woke the crowd back up after that snoozer with an epic match, but once again, as Pulse Wrestling pointed out, the actual winner wasn't the most impressive performer: 

Zema Ion also put on a thrilling show. 

There were many emotions flowing after Lynn's swan song, but this fan sums it up: 


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