15 Athletes Who Make You Look Like a Wimp

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistApril 8, 2013

15 Athletes Who Make You Look Like a Wimp

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    Most of us think that we can be pretty tough.

    Maybe that means standing up to a bully when in middle school, taking a punch to the face in a fight or that time you played through a broken finger for your rec league basketball game.

    Here's a newsflash for you, though—the15 people you're about to see will make you feel like a complete wimp, but don't feel bad, they're just freaks of nature.

Owen Schmitt

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    Owen Schmitt might not be in the league right now, but regardless of being on a roster or not, he's proved that he's pretty damn tough.

    Known for his intros where he literally beat himself over the noggin to make himself bleed before games, dude might be certifiably insane.

    With all the talk about helmet-to-helmet contact, we'd be interested in getting Schmitt's take on things, as he's clearly proved he'd play without one if he was allowed to.

Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera

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    Andy Pettitte is 40, and Mariano Rivera is 43 and coming off knee surgery.

    They just combined to lock up the first win of the season for the Yanks as Pettitte started and tossed eight shutout innings before giving way to Mo in the ninth.

    It would have been easy for these two to have hung it up last year, yet they continue to get guys out who are half their ages who stand in the batter's box.

Ben Roethlisberger

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    For some reason, Ben Roethlisberger doesn't get as much cred as he probably deserves.

    As a two-time Super Bowl champ, Big Ben's obviously proved he's got the game to go along with the toughness he shows seemingly every year.

    Standing behind a weak line since he's been in the league, he takes multiple hits that give him serious damage, yet he continues to fight and play through them all.

Kelly Slater

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    Kelly Slater is arguably the king of surfing, but at age 41, you'd think he'd be stepping back and letting some of the youngins step into the spotlight.

    Doesn't seem like that's on his agenda, though, as he's still ranked No. 1 in the world and is in place to win a record 12th ASP title.

Anna Watson

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    We'll give you one guess to figure out which one of those girls is Anna Watson, the Georgia cheerleader who is absolutely cut up!

    After considering becoming a fitness model years ago, she decided against it because the agency she was with asked her to shoot the juice.

    For any of you meatheads not yet impressed, here are her lifting stats:

    Bench: 155 pounds

    Squat: 255 pounds

    Dead Lift: 230 pounds

Tiger Woods

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    People may have mixed opinions on Tiger Woods, but one can't question his toughness or desire to try and physically be in great shape—even if his profession doesn't necessarily warrant it.

    Though Woods looks like he's full of nothing but muscle, when he played with a stress fracture in his left tibia back in 2008—winning his most recent Major at the U.S. Open in the process—he put an exclamation mark on his career.

Stephen Paea

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    Any time someone can lift a total of over 11,000 pounds in just a minute—225 pounds, 49 times—they're going to get our attention.

    Though Stephen Paea hasn't become a household name since being drafted by the Bears in the second round, he still set the NFL combine record with his bench prowess in 2011.

    We'd try to avoid proving to girls how strong you are if you see this guy anywhere close to you at the gym.

Ernestine Shepherd

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    It'd be in poor taste not to mention the (since retired) oldest bodybuilder in the world, Ernestine Shepherd.

    Just starting to really hit the weights at the age of 56, Shepherd transformed her body into a machine and, at 74 years old, became recognized as the world's oldest bodybuilder.

    When people say that age is just a number, Ernestine is who they have in mind.

Fauja Singh

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    If any of us are even still alive at the age of 101, chances are we'll be content with that.

    But Fauja Singh doesn't want to just be breathing on God's green earth and be limited to a nursing home, he wants to run.

    And dammit, that's exactly what he did as he completed his so-called last competitive marathon in February of this year in Hong Kong.

    So much for just taking it easy.

Giuliano Stroe

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    From one of the oldest athletes to one of the youngest, chances are you've heard about this little eight-year-old Romanian gymnast named Giuliano Stroe.

    While we have yet to see what happens to his eight-pack and ripped arms once he gets ahold junk food, it's obviously impressive as hell.

    After setting the world record for the fastest ever 10 meter (33 feet) hand-walk with a weight ball between his legs, we're sure he'll continue to make us all look and feel like an absolute slob.

    Can this kid even read or write yet?

Matt Poursoltani

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    When we were in high school, we were busy chasing girls and mixing our lunch food on one plate and daring our friend to eat the concoction.

    Maybe that's why we didn't become an Internet sensation like 18-year-old Matt Poursoltani did?

    The senior benched a Texas state record 700-pounds, proving that the Hulk is absolutely a real person, and he lives in the form of this kid.

Vitali Klitschko

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    At the ripe age of 41, Vitali Klitschko is the world's reigning heavyweight champion of the world—we'll probably struggle pulling the lawnmower out of the garage at that age.

    With a career boxing record of 45-2, he most recently defended his belt against formerly undefeated Manuel Charr back in September 2012.

    As you'd imagine, Vitali's in no hurry to get back in the ring and potentially lose his title anytime soon—though he probably has nothing to worry about.

Logan Mankins

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    On appearance alone, Logan Mankins looks like a man, doesn't he?

    Burly facial hair, clearly strong and an absolute beastly looking guy, the Patriots offensive lineman actually played the entire 2011 season with a torn ACL.

    Yes, one of the most debilitating injuries an athlete can sustain, this 300-pounder didn't say a peep about it until after the season.

Herschel Walker

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    Whatever Herschel Walker did as a kid—and more importantly now—can he share his secrets with us normal folks?

    One would think that after a running back retires from the NFL, all he'd want to do is sit around and put his feet up.

    Not Walker, though, as the current 51-year-old stepped into the Octagon and took on guys nearly 20 years younger than him, going 2-0 in his two bouts.

    If that's not enough, dude actually suggested he could still run in the league—and we wouldn't put it past him.

Dean Karnazes

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    Go ahead and pat yourself on the back if you've ever completed a full or half-marathon before.

    As someone who runs about three a year, we know it takes a ton of commitment and mental and physical strength to push yourself through some of the training days.

    Now meet Dean Karnazes.

    He's nicknamed "Ultra Marathon Man" because he's run so many races—and has a book by the same title.

    Ever heard of someone wanting to run 50 marathons in each 50 states—all in consecutive days? Karnazes volunteered himself.