Biggest Transfer Busts This Season

Will TideySenior Manager, GlobalApril 5, 2013

Some transfer signings thrive; others dive. It’s the not knowing what will happen that makes every new deal all the more exciting. We’ve seen great players fall to pieces and bad ones transformed into world-beaters.

This season, there have been some notable flops.

Manchester City bought two players they clearly had no intention of using. What they’ve done is pay out hundreds of thousands of pounds in wages to sit two biggish names on the bench and let them rot.

One big-name Brazilian striker went where the money was, but he hasn’t come close to justifying what was paid for him. Meanwhile, a former Arsenal man went to the best team in the world and has spent his season watching them from the dugout.

There’s a Liverpool forward who hasn’t lived up to his hype and a couple of midfielders who hit new lows.

In this clip, B/R Lead Writers Will Tidey and Michael Cummings look at the biggest transfer busts of the season.