The Rumor Mill (April 20-21)

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IApril 21, 2009

Hi people, and welcome to another episode of the Rumor Mill. Let’s get started, shall we?

Raw Matches for Tonight:

Batista vs.  Chavo Guerrero

C.M. Punk vs. Kane

Melina vs.  Beth Phoenix

Chris Jericho vs. John Cena

Big Show vs.  Rey Mysterio

Randy Orton vs.  Triple H

Superstar Divas and Icons:

Jeff Hardy:

Rumor has it that Jeff Hardy has handed in his notice to the WWE and he has about three months left on his contract and has not signed an extension.

Our very own DJ Rallo has a piece on this:

Link here

Trish Stratus:

In a recent interview with Canada's Times, Trish spoke out against the diva’s division, claiming that it is in poor shape and that there are too many Diva’s in it that do not get a fair chance, she stated that the division was in dire need of good management

"It is disappointing," she says. "I think what it is, they have too many women. And I think they can't even see who's who because there's so many of them. I think they need someone maybe that can focus on the women."

Full article here

Can’t say I blame her. I have said it over and over: the women’s division is becoming a joke.

Rumor has it that Ashley Massaro will be returning to WWE before Summer Slam.


Jr has updated his blog again and speaks out against the rumors regarding the retirement of HBK and Undertaker.

"'The Rest in Peace Tour' and 'The DX Reunion Tour' are NOT retirement tours. When any major star such as HBK or the Undertaker finally decides to hang 'em up, don't you think that WWE will make a HUGE deal out of it just as they should?”

Full Blog here

Ted DiBiase Sr. has let the proverbial cat out of the bag this week when he stated that Ted Jr. would be turning face to promote his new movie, "The Marine 2."

Is this the end of Legacy?

WWE Superstars:

Both Triple H and John Cena will be featured on this week's episode of WWE Superstars.

Behind the Scenes:

This is really funny: apparently, at the WWE show in Salzburg, Austria, all of the seats in the arena had a flyer advertising TNA's tour in September. I am willing to bet Vince threw a huge hissyfit over it, LOL.

Chuck Palumbo recently told the "Monday Night Mayhem" show that the chances of him showing up in TNA before the year is over are pretty good.

More TNA News:

Foley is the new TNA champion. Well, I have to say my first reaction to this was a horrible "Nooooooooooo" scream, but now I am just numb


Bobby Lashley has signed with TNA. Let's hope they treat him with some respect.

Our very own DJ Rollo has written a great article on this

link here

Still no sign of Tazz at TNA. It must have something to do with that 90 day appearance clause.

Oh, one more thing: happy birthday, Adrian!

Well that’s it for today; stay turned for more rumors, news, and gossip.


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