Debate: Should Alonso and Ramos Be Punished for 'Intentional' Bookings?

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Debate: Should Alonso and Ramos Be Punished for 'Intentional' Bookings?
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Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos are at the center of much controversy after they allegedly received intentional yellow cards to avoid suspension in a more crucial UCL match. Should the Madrid players receive additional punishment for deliberately being booked?


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How is using the system to your advantage wrong? It's tactical play, and a smart one. There is no rule against it. As a manager It's your job to be...
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These are the rules of the competition it is the only sensible thing to do to take advantage of the system. Any manager would do it.
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There is no rule against it so no punishment should come out of it. Just because he knows how to play the rules to his advantage doesn't mean he did a...
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They should both get suspended for 2 games at least, that'll teach them a lesson. God damn cheaters, how about you focus on playing well and not gett...
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Is it cheap? Yes. Is it against the rules? No. It was a cheap, but totally legal play. I lost some respect for Alonso though.
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