Gregg Popovich Shuts Down Craig Sager During in-Game Interview

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Craig Sager deserves many different things for his choice of ridiculous suits—none of them good.  

But no one—no one—deserves the cold shower Gregg Popovich dumped on the TNT reporter during an interview at Thursday’s game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Sager was going about his duties as a sideline reporter, annoying the Spurs head coach with questions between the first and second quarter. Popovich responded to the series of questions with a whopping total of 12 words.

Yes, 12 words.

That’s not even enough to earn half credit on a “Short Answer” question at any educational institution anywhere. That’s not enough words to order a meat lover’s pizza, breadsticks and a liter of diet Pepsi from Papa John’s. 

Granted, Popovich isn’t known for giving the warmest of in-game interviews. The man scares the gravy out of most sideline reporters, who know full well his penchant for snipped, prickly responses to their questions.  

Some of his prior gems have included his belief that “happiness” has no place in basketball. 

Don’t forget him flipping table on Charles Barkley and explaining to the former player the strict rules of engagement that exist between coaches and sideline reporters. 

Popovich seems to hold a special, dark place in his heart for Craig Sager and his choice of business attire—a place beneath contempt but resting above hatred. 

To his credit, Sager handled the bristling with as much grace as possible. With the Spurs down 11 after a single quarter of play, Sager had to expect Popovich—the Frigidaire that he is during in-game interviews—to be completely iced over by the time they spoke.

You did what you could, you silly, silly man. 

On Twitter, scraping the ice off my computer screen after this one: Dr__Carson

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