Orton-HHH Feud Shouldn't Involve Batista

Jared Farver@Farver24Correspondent IApril 20, 2009

I would like to start off by saying "Hey, yo!" to everyone at B/R. This is my first article, so please bare with me. I really hope to see some constructive criticism and comments.

I personally believe the Orton-HHH feud is way too personal for Batista to join now. I can understand Legacy and Shane McMahon being involved in some way at Backlash because they have been involved in the feud since the beginning.

I realize Batista was a member of Evolution along with Orton and HHH.

I also realize Orton was the one to injure Batista not too long ago.

But the feud between Orton and HHH has very little to do with Batista.

The three man tag team match at Backlash should be a good match, but if Orton is going to be put over, then he should be put over by HHH. It would be the only satisfying way for Orton to become champion.

This Sunday at Backlash Orton and HHH should face off in something like a "Last Man Standing" match or an "Iron Man" match. Since the Cena vs. Edge match will be a "Last Man Standing," it should be an "Iron Man" match. This would be a great ending to a feud that has been great at times, but then not so great at other times.

If Orton is truly going to be the man after this feud, then he should win it without Batista being involved.