B/R Turns Into The WWE Extra: Details On The Draft and Backlash

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IApril 20, 2009

Hey everyone, this is your Raw GM, Svyato. Just a few heads-up for you about the draft and our upcoming pay-per-view, Backlash.


WWE Draft

Originally this was scheduled for after Backlash, but that has changed.

Raw will now be this Saturday. It will be a special Saturday Night Main Event. Superstars will be battling for their brand. Talent will be moving around a lot. And, who knows, maybe you'll find a new home that day?

We have already figured out who's going where and who's fighting, but to see all of that comeback this Saturday. I will be the one publishing this so just go to my profile and look for it (in case I don't give you the link which I probably will). Anyway that's it on the draft.



Backlash will take place this Sunday.

There obviously will be superstars from one brand fighting superstars from another which will make it cooler.

This article will be published as DJ Rallo's. So on Sunday you'll either get the link from him or just go to his profile and find it there. Here are each brand's main event...

Raw: World Heavyweight Championship, Joe Burgett vs. Daris Brown vs. Jason Le Blanc

SmackDown: Sterling Eby vs. Shane Howard vs. Ray Bogusz vs. Jay Rob the Legacy Kid  

ECW: Bryn Swartz vs. Tony Arnoldine


We promise to make it one heck of a show.

Anyway, once again...

Saturday, Apr. 25(this Saturday) is the WWE draft.

Next night Sunday, April 26 is Backlash.

This is Svyato signing off!

Also wanted to mention that Celeste is staying as the permanent GM of ECW.