Adrian's WWE: Raw The Start of The New Era Of WWE

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IApril 20, 2009

JR: Welcome to Raw we are here in the hometown of the King Jerry Lawler.

King: Thank you we are here and what a ay to kick it off......

Austin music hits..............gets loud pop...........He picks up a mic.......

Austin: I have a few things to get off my chest.

Crowd: WHAT?

Austin: I have a few announcements.

Crowd: WHAT?

Austin: I have big news.

Crowd: WHAT?

Austin: News that is big.

Crowd: WHAT?

Austin: I'm going to start the new era of the WWE with a bang.

Crowd: WHAT?

Austin: A bang.

Crowd: WHAT?

Austin: Tonight we will have match that will change the wrestling world.

Crowd: WHAT?

Austin: A match

Crowd: WHAT?

Austin: Changes the wrestling world.

Crowd: WHAT?

Austin: Tonight will be a Money in the Bank match were we will see 8 superstars fight for CM Punk's briefcase, three Raw superstars, three SmackDown, and two ECW.

Crowd: WHAT?

Austin: We will have CM Punk, Mr. Kennedy, and MVP for Raw. Evan Bourne, John Morrison, Shelton Benjamin for SmackDown. Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy for ECW.

(Crowd cheers and is excited for the match.)

Austin: Now to my new free agent draft picks.

Crowd: WHAT?

Austin: Psycho Sid

Crowd: WHAT?

Austin: Sid is one crazy SOB. He and I have talked and he will be here next week on Raw to compete for the first time in the WWE.

)Crowd cheers........)

Austin: DDP

Crowd: WHAT?

Austin: DDP will be here in two weeks in a match and will be here next week to talk to each and everyone of yall.

(Crowd cheers........)

Austin: Goldberg

Crowd: WHAT?

Austin: Goldberg

Crowd: WHAT?

Austin: Last time I seen this sorry SOB he was on the mat in Madison Square Garden after I gave him a Stone Cold Stunner, I here he is here tonight to talk to Undertaker or call him out.

Crowd: WHAT?

Austin calls Scott Hall out......

(Razor Ramon music plays........Crowd goes crazy...........He gets in the ring with a mic in his hand.)

Austin: Hall, Ramon, Chico whatever you call your self, This is not WCW and I'm not Eric Bishoff. If your not here I'm not going to fire you, i'm going to stomp a mud hole in your ass so bad your going to want to wrestle.

Crowd: WHAT?

(Austin is about to talk again before Hall stops him.)

Hall: Hey Yo

(Crowd response......)

Hall: I know that I screwed up bad in my past I'm not happy about it trust me I don't like who I was. I lost a bunch of pounds, I feel good better yet I feel great.

Crowd: WHAT?

Hall: I was into some heavy stuff but that's not here or there I got something to tell you "Boss".

Austin: WHAT?

Crowd: WHAT?

Hall: You give me a match tonight I'm going to show you not Scott Hall but Razor Ramon the way he wrestles, the way he talks, the way he does things.

Austin: You got one match. He walks out of the ring as you can read Hall mouth say "Thank You".

(commerical break.........)

Jim Ross announces that there will be four matches to start of the Road to Backlash. First match is next.

Mark Henry comes out........

Edge music hits as he comes out.......

Edge vs Mark Henry Match 1 for Road to Backlash Championship match

The match starts off with Edge running around looking for a a good spot to get Henry, Henry goes right after him as he misses and Edge starts to go after the knees, Edge then chop blocks about four or five times before he gets Henry on one knee, Edge then goes to jump on Henry but Henry catches him, Henry throws him out of the ring.


Henry has a bear hug for about a minute as Edge for some reason tries to get the fans into it as the fans respond but you can hear the boos, Edge starts to rake the eyes of Henry and the ref looks at him as he tries to break him up, Henry goes for a body slam in the corner and edge moves out of the ay and he hits the ref.

Edge connects with a low blow, he goes to get a chair out and walks to go hit Henry he looks like he is going to Pound his head in with the chair until.........

(Cena music hits...............)

Cena attacks Edge as these two go at it as the ref wakes up and DQ's Cena and awards Edge the win and puts him in the title match at Backlash, Cena keeps going at Edge as refs, agents, and security have to break it up.


(Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes come out to a sea of boos.............)

DiBiase: Legacy is running strong right now and that there is a new era in the WWE there is going to be a new look for Legacy next week on Raw, He is a second generation superstar joining the group.

New music hits as DH Smith, Tyson Kidd, and Natalya come out with a mic in Smith's hand.

Smith: Sorry to budge in on your "Big New Member", but we have a new member to our group the Hart Foundation V2..............The music plays again but its......Teddy Hart.

(Crowd goes crazy as they can't believe there eyes that Bret's son is here, Hart gets the mic.)

(Hart gets in Ted DiBiase face and it sems like Hart is the leader of the group.

Before Hart could talk..............Austin music hits................)

Austin: It is funny that all of you are in there, I use to whoop all of your father's asses all the damn time.

(Corwd laughs..........)

Austin: DiBiase you have one week to tell me who is the next member of Legacy or I'm going to beat it out of you.

DiBiase: WHAT?

Austin: WHAT?

Crowd: WHAT?

Austin: That's the bottom line because Stone Cold said so.

JR says there will be a US Championship match next week and we will know the challengers next week.

Santino Marella comes out and makes open challenge to anyone on the Raw roster that hasn't won a WWE or World Championship because the World Champ's or former Champs are not on his level.

Jerry "The King Lawler music hits as he gets up from the announcers table.

Santino Open Challenger: Santino Marella vs Jerry Lawler

The match starts with Marella pushing Lawler but Lawler pushes him back as Santino hold his chest like it really hurt. Marella gets a mic says this is unfair, right after eh says that the lights go out.

(Lights come back on..........A masked man in all black hits Lawler with the chair.......The lights go out and come on after a few seconds.)

Ref says Lawler wins by DQ from outside interference.


(Chavo Guerrero comes out........)

Razor Ramon comes on unexpected as this his first match in the WWE since 2002.

Return of Razor Ramon: Razor Ramon vs Chavo Guerrero

The match was dominated by Ramon as he ended the match with his power-bomb. he looked in good shape and did great were Chavo could get no offense.


Ring announcer announces that the next match the winning team will be in a title match this Sunday at Backlash.

Michelle McCool comes out first, then Kelly Kelly.......

Beth Phoenix comes out, Natayla comes out after......

Winning Team goes to Women's Championship Match at Backlash: Michelle McCool and Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix and Natayla

The match as dominated by Phoenix and Natayla as the match alsted seven or eight matches.

After the match they both look at the Women's Championship.


Austin comes out and announces Cena vs Orton for a spot in the WWE Championship match.

Money In the Bank Match: Punk v Kennedy v MVP v Shelton v Morrison v Bourne v Matt v Jeff

(There are ladders every were as each superstar come out to boos or cheers.......)

Everyone starts to attack everyone with an offense of move as the everyone works there way to a ladder and there is five ladders as everyone tries to get to the briefcase early but Jeff Hardy drop kicks the ladders as the fall and have a domino effect.

Matt goes after his brother, Bourne and Morrison going at it, Kennedy and MVP, Punk and Shelton are throwing haymakers at each other.

Morrison tries to take one ladder out of the ring but Jeff does a baseball slide as it connects with his face and Morrison is busted open.

Jeff dives on Matt and Morrison outside the ring with a corkscrew, MVP does a body dive, Punk does a a body slam, after a minute Bourne is on top of the ladder as he is more than 35 feet in the air as he attempts a Shooting Star Press he connects.

Kennedy gets up and throws all but one ladder at the superstars, Kennedy goes up the ladder but gets knocked off by Punk who comes back into the ring, everyone i fighting with everyone as you see ladders flying every were.

Everyone is back in the ring as there fighting Jeff Hardy puts up to ladders horizontal from the ring and puts ladders in the middle across so you can walk around on the ladder like a walk way as he sets up the ladders outside.

MVP starts to climb...........Out of no where Shelton jumps on to the ladder jumps over he second and does a Pay Dirt on MVP to take him out of the match, Matt does a twist of fate on Shelton that connects, Bourne does a Swinging DDT that connects, Punk hits the GTS on Bourne, and Kennedy hits Punk with a chair.

Kennedy and Jeff are the only ones left as the climb the ladder as they throw hay-makers as Jeff is going to kick Kennedy knee out but he misses and leg gets caught........

Kennedy gets the briefcase and he wins the match.

After the match Kenndey celebrates as the crowd cheers for him......


(Backstage with Todd and Kennedy)

Todd: How does it feel to be Mr. Money in the bank again?

Kennedy: I'm not going to tell you but I'm going to shock the world.

Kennedy walks away and laughs............

Austin says Punk will get his re-match for his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Bill Goldberg music hits as he gets the biggest pop of the night as he comes out with a mic as he is in his street clothes.

Goldberg: The worst thing Taker could have done was win that match last week, Taker you can't beat me.

Taker promo comes out and says Judgement Day.

Goldberg: You think that scares me Deadman, I'm not surprised he won't come out he can't touch me. I'm going to get personal with you Taker I should go say hi to your family and friends, I will start with Sara.

Taker comes out in street clothes and attacks Bill as the two go at it as not even the refs, security, and small superstars come out to stop them.

(Austin music hits..............)

Austin gets more people to come out and break it up as Taker looks like he is going to kill him as Goldberg has a smirk on his face as things just got personal.


Road to Backlash Match 2: Randy Orton and John Cena

Both come out to a big pop followed by big heat

The match is about to start before Edge comes out as he has a chair and attacks both Cena and Orton as he does this for about three minutes as it looks like Edge has gone crazy.

Edge gets a mic and says there is no more pansy Edge, this is the Edge of old. The man that is the best and he doesn't care who he faces Sunday at Backlash.

Austin comes out and announces that it will be Edge vs John Cena vs Randy Orton in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship.

(Raw goes off the air with Edge smiling.........)

Raw matches for Backlash: Punk vs Kennedy for MITB briefcase and Orton v Cena v Edge for the WWE Championship.

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