College Slam Dunk Contest 2013: Doug Anderson's Insane Dunk One of the Best Ever

Joseph ZuckerFeatured ColumnistApril 5, 2013

Doug Anderson throws it down against Kansas in the NCAA tournament last year.
Doug Anderson throws it down against Kansas in the NCAA tournament last year.Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Eat your heart out, LeBron James.

Seemingly every year, people bemoan the lack of star power at the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. They say the event will always be lacking without the top players in the game.

But if more pros took cues from Doug Anderson, nobody would be left complaining.

The Detroit Titans forward unleashed what is one of the most ridiculous dunks ever in a competition at any level. Anderson started at the three-point line just to the left of the basket. He then took off and unleashed a reverse 360, between-the-legs dunk that he finished with his right hand.

Words can't do it justice, so just look at the video below.

Needless to say, it got a perfect score, helping Anderson to win the competition.

At any level, that's an incredible dunk. You don't fully understand how hard it was until you see it in slow motion. People were awed when Vince Carter hit a 360 reverse windmill back 2000. Anderson managed to take that dunk and turn it up a notch.

You probably could have put Anderson in the last five or so NBA Slam Dunk Contests, and that dunk would have been the best of the night.

Anderson didn't need to rely on props. He didn't need to jump over a car or a painting. He simply went out, used his physical gifts and threw it down.

This is what dunk contests should be. It's not about who puts on a better spectacle. It's about who's the better dunker.

In terms of evolution, it's hard to see where dunking can go. Seemingly everything's been done already, and there's physical limitations that hinder what a player can do by himself.

With this dunk, there's hope that there might actually be some things we haven't seen yet. Anderson also illustrates you don't need to be a star in order to put on a show.

Fans are so incredibly cynical and elitist when it comes to the NBA dunk contest. If it doesn't have recognizable names, then people automatically give up on it and proclaim the event to be dead. As good as Charles Barkley is, it was intolerable to hear him dismiss almost every one of this year's candidates during the contest because of their lack of playing time.

Would it be nice if LeBron were in the contest? Of course. But that shouldn't mean that fans and analysts are allowed to pick apart the contestants at every opportunity.

Which brings us back to Anderson. Since this was the College Slam Dunk Contest, his dunk will get nowhere near the attention or accolades it deserves. Make sure to watch that video over and over again, because you won't be treated to too many dunks better than that.