Fantasy Baseball Search Site Review: 2009

Todd FarinoCorrespondent IApril 20, 2009

Review By Jeff Mans

4/5 Stars

Anybody who knows anything about fantasy sports no doubt gets their information from We're living in a digital age where breaking news and information spreads like the sun on an Arizona desert. Rotoworld is constantly monitoring every news agency and source on the planet and immediately posting the links neatly on their site.

Rotoworld also contains every link a true sports fan could possibly ask for including local teams newspapers, blogs, television/radio stations and other useful websites. The forums on Rotoworld offer a fun and easy way for the fantasy sports fan to post, read and respond to questions or statements. Since so many intelligent and well informed fans are browsing Rotoworld, the questions and answers posted there are very high quality.

If there is a downfall to this site at all it is the navigation. So many valuable links such as Rotoworld's constantly updated depth charts and injury news can be easily overlooked due to their location and small font size. Rotoworld also offers some run of the mill type premium products the best of which would be their Fantasy Baseball Season Pass. The Season Pass grants you access to their updated player and prospect rankings, lineup and roster evaluations, trade evaluator and closer reports.

Overall Rotoworld is an absolute must for any serious fantasy sports player. Their network of news and information is without equal in the industry. While the navigation and original content may be a bit behind they are the best at what they do. For that reason there is no choice but to award Rotoworld a PERFECT 5 out of 5 stars.