Minnesota Twins: Expect the Unexpected

Kelso HakesCorrespondent IApril 2, 2008

Finally, it's here: Major League Baseball.

After almost five months of boredom, it has returned with great expectations, especially for the Minnesota Twins. After winning its first game against the Angels 3-2, high hopes have been set for this underdog team.

Livan Hernandez gave a great show going all the way to the 7th inning to hand it off to Pat Neshek in the 8th, and close it with Joe Nathan in the 9th. Twins fans everywhere managed a sigh of relief after coming off with that win.

But what now?

Well, there's one thing for sure: the Twins are defensively sound. Already they are making great plays out on the field. From dives to flips, this team has its fielding basics set.

It's the offense that has people worried.

Although so far so good, who knows what is about to come. We have great hitters on our team—we have a great line-up, we have speed and we have power. We just have to hit the ball and drive in some runs.

The Twins have some tricks up their sleeves in the upcoming season. Expect them to be in the headlines of the newspaper and all the talk on ESPN—we only can hope that it is positive talk.

We have a young team full of energy and spirit, let's just hope they can use that and HIT THE BALL!