WWE: How Creative Team Can Actually Get Creative at WrestleMania 29

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WWE: How Creative Team Can Actually Get Creative at WrestleMania 29

It's no secret, WrestleMania 29 looms and is set to be the grandest WWE PPV event of the year.

Except that it isn't looking that grand, and quite honestly, it's a major problem. We all have read it a bunch of times lately from practically every WWE writer on B/R: WrestleMania will be awesome or WrestleMania will disappoint.

At the very least, we have to accept that this much is true: The card is lazy, predictable, and completely uninspiring. Does that mean the wrestling will actually stink?

Not necessarily, but when you know what is going to happen, how could it possibly entertain? It is simply not worth the big bucks it will cost to purchase the event. One should not be so foolish.

Just for fun, though, the following will be a slide show about how the WWE creative team (Which must be full of Hollywood rejects or the same guys who wrote the Transformers trilogy: basically, they stink) can explore different options and ACTUALLY GET CREATIVE at WrestleMania so it won't be so disappointing.

Surely, the options that you will find here are long shots simply because Vince McMahon lost his touch a long time ago and the creative team is full of morons.

Now some of these suggestions may sound insane and crazy stupid, but the point is to explore these options fully. Consider each one carefully and think about the future impact it could have on the people involved.

Enter the 15th Truth Chamber.

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