WWE WrestleMania XXIX: 4 Reasons Why Undertaker vs. CM Punk Could Disappoint

Alex Musso@amusso18Featured ColumnistApril 5, 2013

WWE WrestleMania XXIX: 4 Reasons Why Undertaker vs. CM Punk Could Disappoint

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    The Streak—every WWE fan knows what it means, and how special it truly is. Each and every year, Undertaker takes on the best of the best, and has beaten them all.

    This year is no different. The Undertaker will take on CM Punk, who is arguably the best wrestler in the WWE today. However, something just doesn't seem right.  

    Perhaps hardcore WWE fans have become so jaded that no match can be fully enjoyed. Whatever the reason, the match between the two just doesn't seem to have that amazing feel that past Undertaker matches have had.  

    Here are four reasons why. 

4. Lack of Chemistry

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    CM Punk and Undertaker aren't exactly strangers in the ring, but it's been years since they regularly faced each other. That could be an issue.

    Much like CM Punk's matches against The Rock, Undertaker vs. CM Punk could be uninspiring based on a lack of familiarity. They could be training with each other, but with Undertaker's physical condition, that training would likely be light.

    Chemistry can make or break a match, and Undertaker and CM Punk may just not have it. 

3. Undertaker's Physical Condition

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    The Undertaker is just about finished. He's battered and broken, and likely has only a few matches left in his career.

    That is, if he doesn't retire after this WrestleMania.  

    Physically, Undertaker can likely perform his signature moves and might be able to generate some decent offense in spurts. However, coming off major surgeries, there are serious question marks surrounding what he is and is not capable of in the ring.

    If Undertaker ends up looking old in this match, it would be a major disappointment. 

2. CM Punk Probably Won't Win

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    CM Punk has been putting The Undertaker to shame over the past few weeks. So much so, it's becoming less and less likely that CM Punk will actually win this match.

    One would have to think that WWE fans would be up in arms if Undertaker lost in a screwy way. And while that may still happen, the storyline has taken on a major revenge angle following CM Punk's disrespect of Paul Bearer.

    Revenge for the attacks. Revenge for stealing the urn.  

    The entire situation feels like the WWE is building to a blow-off win for Taker. Of course, the WWE could pull a swerve and have CM Punk break the streak, making WrestleMania XXIX one to remember.

    That would be something.

1. This Match May Not Live Up to the Past Four Undertaker Matches

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    The last four WrestleMania cards have seen Undertaker tear down the house twice with Shawn Michaels, only to be followed up by two great matches against Triple H.

    While CM Punk may be a stellar in-ring worker, Undertaker's best work is very likely behind him.  

    In some ways, comparing the Triple H and Shawn Michaels matches with the CM Punk match may not be fair. Both Triple H and Michaels are either already Hall of Fame inductees or will be soon. And perhaps CM Punk, due to his title reign, will be inducted one day.  

    With that being said, CM Punk has to follow some of the most memorable matches in WrestleMania history. Can he get one last barn-burner out of The Undertaker before The Deadman recedes into the darkness forever?

    Can Undertaker and CM Punk put on a match that is as good or better than the previous four matches at WrestleMania? Only time will tell.