WrestleMania 29 Predictions: Who Will Emerge as the Breakout Star?

Emery Songer@@EmerySongerCorrespondent IIApril 4, 2013

WrestleMania 29 is only a few days away, and the online wrestling community is buzzing about what could happen at the big show.

Although this year's show is more predictably booked than we would all prefer, there are plenty of candidates for "biggest breakout star."

An obvious candidate is Fandango, who is making his debut.  While I'm sure his match with Chris Jericho could steal the show, I don't believe that they will let him use his entire moveset in his first ever match.

Another possible breakout star is Big E Langston, who is making his official in-ring debut in a tag match.  While he could impress with some new moves and his sheer power, he won't have a big enough spotlight to truly "breakout."

The Shield is making their debut at WrestleMania, and while all three of them could legitimately be main eventers in the future, Randy Orton's inevitable heel turn will likely overshadow them as a group.

I believe Ryback will show us a little more than he has in the past in his strongman match with Mark Henry.  But there are too many chances to ruin the moment, like botching his shell shock on a 400-pound opponent.

My money on "breakout star" of WrestleMania 29 is Jack Swagger.  This guy has been pushed to the moon since returning after the Royal Rumble.  His surprising victory in the Elimination Chamber match set the stage for a World Heavyweight Championship match with Alberto Del Rio at the Show of Shows.

Even though he almost ruined it with his DUI in February, the attention from the national media (thanks Glenn Beck) saved him from losing his match.  Zeb Colter has been magic on the mic with his mega right-wing promos.

Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez have been great since their face turn in January, and they've done a good job poking fun at the promos and selling the beatings.  Ricky did a phenomenal job selling the broken leg angle.

The buildup hasn't been the main point of any show, but quietly, they have a good solid feud going.  The USA chants in recent weeks make me feel as though Swagger will have solid support.  Any noise is good noise.

Jack's ability in the ring will be on full display for the first time since his return, in his first high-profile match in years.

It would not surprise me whatsoever if this match gets some serious attention on Raw Monday.  And everyone on this site and others like it appreciating the performance of Swagger in a World Championship match.

There are going to be many young stars shining on Sunday, but I'm very excited to see the 31-year-old from Perry, Oklahoma, finally get a chance to show us all what he's got at the Granddaddy of Them All.