WWE WrestleMania 29 Rumors: Breaking Down Latest Buzz Around Marquee Show

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistApril 6, 2013

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - FEBRUARY 16: John Cena attends a press conference to announce that MetLife Stadium will host WWE Wrestlemania 29 in 2013 at MetLife Stadium on February 16, 2012 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images)
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WrestleMania 29 is the biggest event on the WWE’s calendar, and the rumors that surround the marquee show are the focus of the WWE Universe leading into the event.

Huge names in the company like John Cena, Ryback and others are rumored for big changes in the future, and there are reportedly several heel turns possibly in the works.

All of the following rumors have spawned even more questions and little answers. As if the hype around WrestleMania needed to be any bigger.


Is John Cena vs. Ryback a Smart Idea?

There are many fans that feel a John Cena victory at WrestleMania 29 is a foregone conclusion, and the speculation about which superstar the champion would face next was the talk of the WWE Universe.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Wrestling Inc.), the company is discussing a scenario where Ryback and Cena work a program together:

WWE officials have discussed having Ryback feud with John Cena for the WWE Title after WrestleMania 29. WWE planted the seeds for the feud when Cena eliminated Ryback to win the Royal Rumble this year.

While on paper it's understandable how the WWE could think this is a smart idea for the future—pitting the face of the company against a budding star—but this doesn’t work on many different levels.

Unless there are plans for one of these stars to go heel, this will be a face vs. face battle. As much as Ryback would get mainstream recognition for this feud, he would likely come out the loser.

Ryback needs an extended feud over someone he can eventually beat and look like a star, not another battle that make him look strong, but not strong enough to actually win.

Facing Cena after WrestleMania is a bad idea.


Who is Turning Heel?

There has been speculation about heel turns throughout the road to WrestleMania—everyone from John Cena to Randy Orton—but the latest report states that several turns have been considered for Sunday.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Wrestling Inc.), “It's said that we can expect several surprises for WrestleMania 29 since a number of turns have been talked about, particularly faces to heel.”

As much as the WWE Universe wants this turn to be Cena, the way the six-man tag team match has been set up points to an Orton heel turn all the way.

Despite being a loner throughout his face run, RKO is now actively working with Sheamus and mending bridges with the Big Show. Those are not things that Orton does, thus leading to a perfect opportunity at WrestleMania for him to hit his finisher on Sheamus.

The Shield would get the much-needed win, and the groundwork to a Sheamus vs. Orton feud would be successfully laid.


Should WWE Split Up Ziggler Trio?

There is a strong contingent of fans that believes Dolph Ziggler would be better off without his girlfriend AJ and their associate, Big E Langston. But instead of using WrestleMania as the platform to split them up, the WWE has big plans for the trio.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Wrestling Inc.), there could be a big push in store for Ziggler, AJ and Langston:

We noted before that AJ Lee and Divas Champion Kaitlyn may be added to the Kane and Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston match at WrestleMania 29, making it a six-person match with all titles on the line. WWE may save AJ and Kaitlyn for RAW but word is that the group of AJ, Ziggler and Langston are scheduled to get a big push coming out of WrestleMania.

There is no doubt that Ziggler would be better off without AJ and Langston, and now that the World Heavyweight Championship scene has grown stale, it would be the perfect time for a Money in the Bank cash-in.

Instead, there is a chance Ziggler and Langston beat Bryan and Kane Sunday.

While it is unclear if this push includes winning the tag team titles at WrestleMania, the choice to push the new tag team and their manager is the wrong way to use a talented star like Ziggler.


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