NCAA President Mark Emmert Botches Press Conference: What It Means for Miami

David KenyonFeatured ColumnistApril 4, 2013

One can only wonder what Emmert's thought-process was during his latest press conference.
One can only wonder what Emmert's thought-process was during his latest press conference.Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

To say that NCAA president Mark Emmert is about to have a horrible day is an understatement.

He took to the podium on Thursday afternoon at the Final Four and discussed the investigations into the athletics program of both the University of Miami and Auburn University.

For the Miami Hurricanes, it's a well-documented case entering its third year of review and an "unprecedented request" of throwing out the investigation into the school.

As for Auburn, coaches and others close to the Tigers' football team allegedly changed grades and offered money to players to forgo the NFL Draft.

Obviously, it makes sense for Emmert to address these issues at hand, but he had an interesting mentality, according to NFL Network's Kimberly Jones.

Mark Emmert is off-the-charts smug, even more hypocritical. For a man w/tremendous power, amazing nothing is ever his call. Or his fault.

— Kimberly Jones (@KimJonesSports) April 4, 2013

USA Today sportswriter Dan Wolken also pointed out something very interesting.

"Thanks for the career advice. Kept my job anyway." -- Emmert in response to @dennisdoddcbs question.

— Dan Wolken (@DanWolken) April 4, 2013

Note: For those interested, here is the article Dodd wrote that Emmert was referencing.

The above tweet is a little sketchy to me. This is the president of the governing body of collegiate athletics acting like a troll behind a computer in his mom's basement.

Frankly, it's embarrassing.

Are you confused yet? Because I've had just about enough education and confusing statements for one day.

But let's continue, because it gets better.

Putting "the cherry on top" of one of the craziest press conferences ever, Nicole Auerbach of USA Today notes how Emmert ended the day.

As he walks off stage, Emmert tells @dennisdoddcbs: "I'm still here. I know you're disappointed, but here I am."

— Nicole Auerbach (@NicoleAuerbach) April 4, 2013

PAC-12 digital correspondent Bryan Fischer—in response to Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples—in response to Bleacher Report's Adam Kramer—had this to say.

Only if he says it twice. RT @andy_staples: He will believe a Ponzi schemer RT @kegsneggs: So Mark Emmert won't believe a newspaper story...

— Bryan Fischer (@BryanDFischer) April 4, 2013

The investigation into Miami was started because of the accusations by a convicted Ponzi schemer.

Yet the NCAA president "doesn't believe" a story by a newspaper as The Courier-Journal's Kyle Tucker points out.

Emmert on Auburn: "There's a newspaper story. That's it. ... Guilty by newspaper story isn't necessarily the way to go about (judging)."

— Kyle Tucker (@KyleTucker_CJ) April 4, 2013

This is getting a little ridiculous not only my opinion, but in opinions all over the college football landscape.

As far as Miami is concerned, Emmert again showed the hypocrisy of his own statements. He said that he wouldn't simply believe "a newspaper story."

Yes, Auburn's case isn't technically "a newspaper story," but that's beyond the point.

The 'Canes will undoubtedly benefit from this botched press conference.

First off, can anything this guy says be taken seriously? I mean, I pray the members of the Committee on Infractions can see through their very clearly "transparent" boss.

Secondly, as Dodd pointed out, the NCAA has a lack of institutional control. After the various investigations into the investigation and investigating investigators, it only makes sense for this case to be thrown out.

A third reason is that Miami's time served—two bowl bans, three postseason games, approximately 30 practices and a small number of scholarships—seems to be especially suitable now.

The NCAA can hardly "stick it to the 'Canes" when the NCAA can't even handle itself.

To summarize the answers that comprised Emmert's horrible day, this ought to do the trick.

I can only hope your day isn't as bad as that of the president of the NCAA.


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