Fox: I Found a Race Among The Commercials

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Fox: I Found a Race Among The Commercials
(Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)

Were there unusual amounts of commercial break on the Phoenix race or was it just a fiction of my imagination?

It just seemed as soon as I was getting comfortable watching the race a commercial would come up.

It wasn't only the frequency of the commercials breaks, but also the length of the breaks. I had plenty of  time to get that extra snack.

The positive thing to all this was I didn't have to listen to Darraaall his brother Darraaall and his other brother Darraaall talk too much.

Because of all the television breaks, I found myself listening to the radio broadcast. I don't know who those folks are but they do great job.

Going forward they will be a part of my race following equipment for sure.

The radio will join my widescreen TV, two laptop computers, headphone to listen to drivers conversations, a full snack tray, and beverages.

I often wonder why no one wants to watch the race with me. That might be a part of it; just too many things going on.

One thing for sure that was not going on with the Fox broadcast was a lengthy green flag watching.

Enough said!

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