Why Oklahoma Is Better Option Than Texas A&M for 4-Star QB

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIApril 4, 2013

Justice Hansen
Justice Hansen

4-star quarterback Justice Hansen has a very tough decision ahead of him.

He's a very talented 2014 recruit—ranked as the No. 8 pro-style quarterback in the 2014 class according to the 247Sports Composite Rankings—and the two major programs on top of his interest list (247Sports): Oklahoma and Texas A&M.

Considering the draw that both programs have, especially for a quarterback, one can only imagine that this is going to end up being a photo finish for Hansen's commitment.

It's worth noting that Hansen is from Edmond, Oklahoma, and he's ranked as the No. 3 player from the state according to the 247Sports Composite rankings. His family also roots for the Sooners, according to a report via Josh McCuistion of SoonerScoop.com, and family will have an impact on his decision, per the report:

As the nation's No. 5 pro-style quarterback mentioned there will be a heavy family influence in his decision and though his family are professed Sooners fans they've been adamant that they simply want whatever is best for the star signal caller.

"They are my family, but if I'm really going to break it down, I love my family but if someone is going to be completely biased for a school - you respect them but it's not going to play a huge part. I've called both my uncles who coach at Shattuck, Okla. and get what they think, they are football coaches and stuff and know what a program should have," he said.

Even though family will reportedly have an influence, it seems as if they're trying to remain rather even keeled, as is Hansen, so keep that in mind. 

To that point, Hansen had this to say about a recent visit to Texas A&M, per McCuistion:

"It was just as much excitement as you see on television. You hear everyone talking about them and its pretty much the same thing and it's not even football season. It was all real up-tempo and everyone was having fun. It was business out there but practice was good," Hansen said.

Here are Hansen's thoughts on coach Kevin Sumlin:

"Coach Sumlin, I really like him, he is somewhat of a newer coach. He hasn't been around as long as some of these people, at least like a first year at A&M, how he interacts with his players, his coaches, he is real involved with everything. I like his personality a lot, he seems like he has a lot of confidence. They pick up on that, head coach is confident, has a chip on his shoulder."

Both programs are a big draw and both programs have a lot to offer Hansen, but in the end, Oklahoma may end up being the best fit.

It's hard to deny the hype surrounding Texas A&M right now, but logically, Hansen will find a bit more opportunity with the Sooners. That's not even to mention the fact that he'll be able to stay in-state, and one can only imagine that the Sooners fans in his family would be ecstatic about that. 

First off, let's be clear. The presence of Johnny Manziel at Texas A&M shouldn't have the impact that you'd think.

The allure of the NFL will draw Manziel away from the Aggies sooner rather than later, so being stuck behind the superstar quarterback shouldn't be a huge concern for Hansen. More so, he could prepare to be "the guy" to replace Manziel, though that does seem daunting.

Where A&M may have a hard sell is with the depth behind Manziel. Texas A&M redshirted 2012 4-star dual-threat quarterback Matt Davis, and he could end up being Manziel's eventual replacement. Davis was ranked as the No. 4 dual-threat quarterback in the 2012 class according to the 247Sports Composite Rankings. 

He's an extremely talented recruit, and he would be Hansen's biggest competition at A&M.

If that's not the case though, the Aggies still went out and signed two quarterbacks in the 2013 class: 4-star pro-style quarterback Kohl Stewart and 4-star dual-threat quarterback Kenny Hill. Both quarterbacks are highly ranked and have great potential.

It's suffice to say that quarterback is not a need at Texas A&M. 

Oklahoma also signed a quarterback in 2013, 4-star pro-style quarterback Cody Thomas, and the Sooners also have good depth at the position. Blake Bell should be the guy to get the starting nod in 2013, and 2012 4-star quarterback and redshirt freshman Trevor Knight has great potential as a backup, as does redshirt sophomore, dual-threat quarterback Kendal Thompson.

At the very least, Oklahoma can offer Hansen the opportunity to come in and compete for the starting job once Bell moves on, and Bell will be a redshirt senior in 2014. Thompson will be a redshirt junior in 2014, and if he ends up getting the nod after Bell, Hansen could consider a redshirt season to gain some extra eligibility in an effort to compete with Thomas and Knight once Thompson moves on.

Truthfully, Hansen is going to have to compete at either school, so it could end up coming down to the small details. The competition at Oklahoma is a little bit further along in regards to eligibility, which means Hansen could be looking at more opportunity with the Sooners once that competition moves on—especially if he was to redshirt.

Factor in Oklahoma's in-state edge an the fact that his family roots for the Sooners, and it seems as if Oklahoma could end up being the best fit—if only by the slightest of margins.

Like I said, and it should be very obvious after this breakdown: Hansen has a very tough choice ahead of him.

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