Ranking the Strangest Batting Stances in MLB

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Ranking the Strangest Batting Stances in MLB
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Growing up, we all pretended that we were our favorite baseball player when we stepped up to the plate.

It could have been in your driveway playing wiffleball, the backyard hitting a tennis ball or at the ball field with your friends, but we all did our best impersonation of our favorite players when the opportunity presented itself.

For me, it was Don Mattingly. I'd never swing at the first pitch, biding my time until I saw something that I thought I could get a piece of.

Of course, I was a right-handed hitter—and a pretty terrible one at that—so my best impersonation of Donnie Baseball fell far short of being close to accurate.

Mattingly's batting stance was pretty mundane, while plenty of other players had much more animated and active stances at the plate.

Things haven't changed today, with plenty of big league players to choose from when it comes to things that are out of the ordinary in their approach to hitting a baseball.

So who has the strangest batting stance in the game today?

Let's see if we can't figure that out.

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