WWE Alumni Kevin Nash Goes on Twitter Tirade

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WWE Alumni Kevin Nash Goes on Twitter Tirade
Kevin Nash (left) was a great talker as a wrestler (Image Obtained From WWE.com)

WWE alumni Kevin Nash went on a Twitter rant in the early hours of Thursday morning over the abuse suffered by the college athletes at Rutgers (h/t Bleacher Report's Ethan Grant). 

The five-time WCW champion sent out a message the previous evening that suggested that he would have dealt with the abusive coach in his own way. However, replies to that message sent the man known as “Big Sexy” on a rather bizarre tangent. 

His first message read:

Followed by this prolonged response several hours later:

Clearly, the abuse suffered by those players at Rutgers was intolerable, and coach Mike Rice was rightly fired. Such bullying is clearly close to Nash’s heart, as he is a former college athlete. He was obviously trying to give his support to the players.

However, invoking the Holocaust as a comparison is always going to bring critical opinions. 

The systematic eradication of millions of people is a horror unimaginable to those who did not encounter it. Comparing this to the mistreatment of college athletes is going to rile some members of the public due to cultural significance the Holocaust carries.  

Nash did clarify that the Holocaust was incomparable with this situation and then went on to explain that he was “pro gay religion and pro jew” in these tweets. 

Nash has had a history of going on Twitter drunk, as his final tweet indicates. He also had the right message at heart, but his inelegant metaphor has forced the focus away from his support for the victims.

With this being WrestleMania week, there is always going to be more focus on current and former WWE superstars. It is unfortunate that what was intended to be a show of solidarity has gone off on this unintended tangent.

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