Mick Foley Responds to His Hall of Fame Speech Being Snubbed for Donald Trump

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Mick Foley Responds to His Hall of Fame Speech Being Snubbed for Donald Trump
Source: WWE.com

As reported on WrestlingInc.com, WWE have reportedly decided to air the Hall of Fame inductions of Trish Stratus, Donald Trump and Bruno Sammartino when the ceremony airs on April 9.

As a result, the inductions and speeches of legends Bob Backlund, Booker T and Mick Foley will be left off the television special.

Many fans are understandably upset for Foley, who could be considered by some as the biggest star among the 2013 Hall of Fame class.

Mick has spoken out on Twitter and was apparently initially as upset as some his his fans, tweeting:

I'm in a much better frame of mind after watching my new DVD with my kids. I have SO much to be proud of. No way I'll give fans anything less than the best possible speech I can. And if the powers-that-be decide not to air my speech on television, I'll accept that it was simply a decision that was beyond my control, and do everything I can - through the passion for my profession - to make that decision look as glaringly stupid as possible.

It seems that Foley is a little offended (and rightfully so) that Trump's induction will air while his won't, as he tweeted with a #DumpedForTrump hashtag.

He also told one disgruntled fan that a "WE WANT FOLEY" chant during Trump's speech would be a "perfectly acceptable reaction," which would frankly be a great television moment if it isn't censored out.

It's certainly sad to see Mick being dumped in for a celebrity induction, especially when you consider the immense physical sacrifices he's made for the business.

Also strange is the fact that Stratus was chosen over Foley as well, and while Stratus has had a Hall of Fame-worthy career, her achievements don't match up to Foley's.

Neither Backlund nor Booker have responded to their inductions' omission from television broadcast.

The Hall of Fame ceremony is set to take place the night before WrestleMania and air the Tuesday afterward. 

Let's hope that WWE rethinks this decision between now and then, as Mick's description of it being “glaringly stupuid” is spot on.  

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