McDonald's All-American Game 2013 Stats: Standout Performers from Each Squad

Maxwell Ogden@MaxwellOgdenCorrespondent IIIApril 4, 2013

McDonald's All-American Game 2013 Stats: Standout Performers from Each Squad

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    After months of anticipation, the 2013 McDonald's All-American Game has officially passed. Behind an MVP performance by Aaron Gordon, the West outlasted the East by a score of 110-99 on Wednesday night in Chicago.

    Looking back, though, there were standout performers from both teams.

    Some players thrived statistically, putting together a box score worth marveling. Others found a way to get in on every play, thus making their name impossible to ignore.

    Regardless of how it transpired, the following players were the standout performers at the 2013 McDonald's All-American Game.

Andrew Wiggins, East Team

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    College Team: Undeclared

    Minutes Played: 24

    Stat Line: 19 points, four rebounds, one assist, two steals

    Did you expect to not see his name on this list?

    Andrew Wiggins has become a cult hero in basketball circles, often being labeled as the next best player in the world. Although we've yet to see Wiggins perform against NBA-caliber opponents, he put his world-class abilities on display against the top prep stars in the nation on Wednesday night.

    Wiggins walked away with 19 points on 6-of-10 shooting from the floor, 0-for-2 from beyond the arc and 7-of-8 from the charity stripe.

    As it presently stands, Wiggins has yet to decide which school he will attend next season. The final four teams on his short list are the Kentucky Wildcats, Kansas Jayhawks, North Carolina Tar Heels and Florida State Seminoles, in no specific order.

    For some context, both of Wiggins' parents went to FSU.

Aaron Gordon, West Team

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    College Team: Arizona Wildcats

    Minutes Played: 24

    Stat Line: 24 points, eight rebounds, two assists, two steals

    Not only did Aaron Gordon lead all players in scoring on Wednesday night, but he also won the MVP award. In other words, he was absolutely sensational during the 2013 McDonald's All-American Game.

    Is there any reason to question why he's on this list?

    Gordon was terrific, picking up 24 points and eight rebounds in 24 minutes. The Arizona Wildcats commit also dished out two assists and came up with two steals, thus establishing his well-rounded dominance.

    Arizona head coach Sean Miller just got an early Christmas present.

Julius Randle, East Team

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    College Team: Kentucky Wildcats

    Minutes Played: 22

    Stat Line: 11 points, seven rebounds, one assist

    Julius Randle is one of the most impressive physical specimens to ever come out of the high school ranks. At 6'9" and 225 pounds, he has a powerful frame and explosive athleticism.

    Randle put those gifts on display en route to 11 points and seven rebounds on Wednesday night.

    Randle is gaining momentum as one of the most popular prospects in the nation. Not only are fans raving over the possibilities of an NBA career, but Randle's commitment to the University of Kentucky has some thinking of a national championship.

    Until then, Randle has a quality outing at the McDonald's All-American Game to hang his hat on.

Jabari Parker, West Team

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    College Team: Duke Blue Devils

    Minutes Played: 21

    Stat Line: 10 points, eight rebounds, three assists, two blocks, two steals

    There's a common misconception about Jabari Parker: that he's an offensive player with little to offer on the other end of the floor. This mainly comes from the inexplicable desire to compare prospects with established players.

    Even as his shooting faltered against Andrew Wiggins' defense, Parker proved to be much more than just a point machine.

    Parker finished with 10 points, eight rebounds, three assists, two blocks and two steals. One of those blocks came on Wiggins' first field-goal attempt, which set the stage for a tension-filled affair.

    The Wiggins-Parker rivalry will likely be at the forefront of the NBA for years to come—this was just a preview. Parker lived up to the hype and delivered a high-quality outing.

    He tied for the game high in rebounds, blocks and steals.

Wayne Selden Jr., East Team

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    College Team: Kansas Jayhawks

    Minutes Played: 18

    Stat Line: 13 points, five rebounds, three assists, one steal

    Wayne Selden Jr. is going to be joining the Kansas Jayhawks in 2013-14. For those out there that are uncertain as to what he brings to the table, Selden's performance during the McDonald's All-American Game should put an end to such concerns.

    With 13 points, five rebounds, three assists and one steal on 2-of-4 shooting from beyond the arc, Selden proved that the star potential is real.

    The All-American game is more of a stat-padding exhibition than a competitive contest, but the defensive pressure was present as tensions ran high. Even still, Selden managed to prove just how talented he truly is.

    Kansas fans have something to look forward to.

Andrew Harrison, West Team

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    College Team: Kentucky Wildcats

    Minutes Played: 19

    Stat Line: 10 points, four assists, two rebounds, one steal

    When it comes to star power, few players have what the Harrison twins possess. At the 2013 McDonald's All-American Game, it was one half of that duo that shined as bright as any other player in attendance.

    That was point guard Andrew Harrison.

    Harrison was as efficient as you could ask him to be, dropping 10 points on a perfect 5-of-5 shooting. He also dished out four assists compared to just one turnover, making up for the lone blunder with a steal of his own.

    Tack on two rebounds, and you have yourself a high-quality performance by a potentially elite college point guard.

Anthony Barber, East Team

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    College Team: North Carolina State Wolfpack

    Minutes Played: 18

    Stat Line: 11 points, four assists, one rebound, two steals

    When asked which player caught his attention during the McDonald's All-American Game, Andrew Wiggins replied with a name that few expected to hear. Rather than target the more notable players, Wiggins went with the quiet North Carolina State recruit Anthony Barber.

    Barber warranted the praise, as he dropped 11 points, four assists, one rebound and two steals in 18 minutes. More importantly, he played until the final buzzer and was always looking to make something out of nothing.

    That's the type of point guard that you dream about having on your team.

Nigel Williams-Goss, West Team

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    College Team: Washington Huskies

    Minutes Played: 15

    Stat Line: 10 points, six assists, two rebounds, two blocks, one steal

    Nigel Williams-Goss is one of the most intriguing prospects in the nation. When his hair isn't catching your eye, his production on the court most certainly will.

    With 10 points, six assists, two rebounds, two blocks and one steal in 15 minutes at the McDonald's All-American Game, you can see why the hype is there.

    Williams-Goss, a Washington Huskies commit, was superb on both ends of the floor. He kept his head up and was consistently looking to make a play, regardless of where he was on the floor.

    This was a very impressive outing by a player who could help anchor the Pac-12.

Dakari Johnson, East Team

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    College Team: Kentucky Wildcats

    Minutes Played: 18

    Stat Line: 12 points, five rebounds, one assist, one steal

    Dakari Johnson is ranked as the top center in the 2013 recruiting class by both and ESPN 100. During the McDonald's All-American Game, he showed us why.

    In 18 minutes, Johnson finished with 12 points and five rebounds. That was impressive considering the fact that Aaron Gordon and Andrew Wiggins entered into a non-positional one-on-one production battle.

    At 6'10" and 250 pounds, expect the Brooklyn native to perform at an even higher level when he begins his time at Kentucky.

Bobby Portis Jr., West Team

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    College Team: Arkansas Razorbacks

    Minutes Played: 18

    Stat Line: 12 points, one rebound, two blocks

    Bobby Portis Jr. entered this game as "the other SEC recruit." When it was all said and done, the Arkansas Razorbacks signee proved that he's not just another player.

    Portis Jr. is on the same level as those Kentucky kids.

    Portis Jr. was everywhere, scoring at a high clip and making defensive plays whenever possible. With a nonstop motor—even during All-American exhibition games—Portis Jr. has all of the tools necessary to be a star freshman.

    The Kentucky recruits discovered that at the McDonald's All-American Game.