Vince McMahon's 'Big Reveal' Possibly Spoiled

Imaan JalaliFeatured ColumnistApril 4, 2013

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On April 1, Vince McMahon officially merged his WWE Universe with the far-reaching realm of Twitter.

And in inimitable McMahon fashion, the WWE Chairman celebrated the launching of his account with a tweet that tingled the senses of WWE fans.

On his Twitter page, McMahon referred to a "big reveal" that is set to be, well, revealed on Friday, April 5. Undoubtedly, since this past Monday, fans have been wondering what the head honcho could possibly be referring to.

Could it be the long-awaited confirmation that the fledging WWE Network is finally ready to hit the airwaves?

Could it be a last-minute, monumental addition to the already stacked WrestleMania 29 card?

Perhaps, the "big reveal" is more nebulous than one might think and is instead a reference to a new superstar or storyline?

For now, however, most of the preceding questions can be put to rest since the possibilities have been drastically narrowed down.

Here's the scoop according to the members-only PWInsider Elite (via

...Vince McMahon's "big reveal" that he teased on his Twitter account earlier this week will be revealing who will sing "America the Beautiful" at WrestleMania 29. I'm hearing that Alicia Keys will be singing the song this Sunday. Take it as a rumor for now.

If the report were to come to fruition, Alicia Keys would probably be the biggest name to sing "America the Beautiful" since Aretha Franklin at WrestleMania III (and 23).

As many of us remember, it was also McMahon who, with his infectious gusto, introduced Franklin to the historic crowd at the Pontiac Silverdome 26 years ago.

This time, though, McMahon will likely use the Twitter stage to introduce his appointed singer, who will kick off the 29th installment of WrestleMania.

The first impression is crucial, and the legitimately talented Keys has what it takes to give WrestleMania 29 that extra touch of magic.


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