WWE Main Event Results: Winners, Twitter Reaction and Analysis from April 3

Maxwell OgdenCorrespondent IIIApril 3, 2013

via WWE.com
via WWE.com

On April 3, 2013, WWE took to Ion Television to air their weekly edition of Main Event. Although the in-ring action was limited, there was no shortage of drama as giants hit the ring, odds were overcome and we were given a weekly recap of what has already transpired.

So how did it all go down on WWE Main Event?

Our only match of the night saw The Miz take on The Prime Time Players. We also saw The Big Show speak on The Shield, calling his fist a leaf and confusing everyone who was watching his promo.

It was one of those nights.


The Miz defeats The Prime Time Players via submission

Our only match of the night was a handicap battle between The Miz and The Prime Time Players. At ringside for this one was none other than Miz's feud partner, Wade Barrett.

This was your quintessential make-a-face-look-strong type of match.

Darren Young attempted to ground The Miz with a series of headlocks and strikes. After trading shoulder blocks, however, it was Miz who was in full control, thus attempting the figure-four leglock.

Young was able to roll away before the hold could be applied.

After The Miz mocked Titus O'Neil's dance moves, he ended up on the receiving end of some hard right hands. Unfortunately for the Prime Time Players, Miz avoided a scoop slam and took control with more punches.

O'Neil then gained momentum with, you guessed it, a punch—an uppercut, to be precise.

This set the tone for a match which saw scoop slams and suplex attempts at a premium. Unfortunately for Young and O'Neil, The Miz was able to wiggle his way free and take control time and time again.

After elbow drops and Irish whips from the PTP-ers, Miz managed to get out of harm's way with a high knee. This led to a kick to the face and a cover, thus completing the "nothing but strikes" tutorial.

We finally saw some grappling as The Miz hit his backbreaker-neckbreaker combination.

O'Neil and Young were in control from there, as The Miz's near-fall amounted to nothing. With a double-team suplex and stiff Irish whips, this was the definition of a brawl.

With a baseball slide to O'Neil and a figure-four leglock on Young, The Miz survived this one via submission. This all led to a staredown between Miz and Barrett.

The rivalry continues.


Twitter Reaction

On a night in which there was only one match, fans were inevitably left asking for more. By more, of course, I mean to say that people were wondering when the next group of wrestlers was coming out.

Unfortunately, they never showed up.

At least we got to see The Miz wrestle for roughly 15 minutes.

A majority of this show was dedicated to recapping what transpired during the most recent week of action. In fact, far more than 50 percent of the show was made up of videos informing us of what has already been.

One Twitter follower acknowledged the fact that you didn't even need to watch this past Monday's WWE Raw.

It's like watching two shows at once!

Next week, the WWE Universe is likely to be searching for more than just one match. This week, however, The Miz reigned supreme and made Main Event his stage for success.

Until next time, this week was "awesome."