CM Punk Cannot End The Undertaker's Streak at WrestleMania 29

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 4, 2013

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CM Punk has accomplished a number of impressive feats during his WWE career, but he won't add ending Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania to that list.

WWE has set up a story that points to Undertaker getting revenge. That story and The Deadman's as-of-yet unstoppable run at WrestleMania make Punk more than a long shot to win on April 7.

With Undertaker's schedule essentially reduced to one night a year, with rumors of Punk's schedule lessening after WrestleMania (h/t PWInsider via, it looks as if Undertaker has just one shot at retribution.

With as badly as Punk has disrespected Undertaker and Paul Bearer, not allowing The Deadman to do as he promised and hurt Punk would be unsatisfying. Punk has stolen the urn and mocked Bearer. Heyman dressed up as Bearer while Punk beat down Undertaker and poured the contents of his urn all over him.

WrestleMania offers a single opportunity for catharsis.

If Undertaker doesn't pay Punk back for his actions on April 7, when does he? It's unlikely that WWE would end this story with the bad guy getting away victorious.

That would be like letting Lex Luthor win, like ending the story before Superman saves the world.

WWE, like Hollywood, makes things difficult, even seemingly impossible for its heroes, but in the end those heroes achieve their goals. Not following that dramatic arc of success following suffering would only give fans a feeling of incompleteness.

WWE has made this match more personal than the streak. In doing so, the company has created the potential for a climax that will satisfy the audience's need for good to triumph over evil. It's not just about Undertaker defending his streak, but defending Paul Bearer's honor.

The streak itself, is however, still Punk's other major obstacle to winning.

Allowing Punk to win at WrestleMania 29 would not merely be a man achieving a victory, but a man vanquishing an immortal. There can only be one man, if any, who stops Undertaker's WrestleMania streak.

Bestowing that honor on Punk would be putting him on a level where he alone would reside.

If Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Kane couldn't do it with multiple tries, it feels unfathomable that without the aid of The Shield, without the benefit of a no-disqualification stipulation, that Punk could win.

The fight for the streak has become one of the biggest highlights of WrestleMania, a money-making, thrilling match. A Punk win ends that forever. Unless Undertaker knows for sure that this will be his last WrestleMania, it's too early for his unblemished run to end.

CM Punk cannot defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29, and perhaps no one can.