Matt Leinart Needs to Grow Up

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IApril 2, 2008

Behavior unbecoming an NFL Player—or any adult for that matter.

We don't ask much of our heroes and warriors. We want them to be lively, active, and red-blooded—just like the soldiers we sent off to fight for this planet's freedoms.

We also want them to be respectable and decent citizens.

Abu Ghraib was a disgrace, and we feel that all involved learned a valuable lesson. The military brought charges on the offenders and sent them all to prison.

In the NFL, Michael Vick and Pacman Jones have recently learned how poor off-field choices can take away your livelihood and even your freedom.

These things used to be chalked up to "boys being boys," which brings us to the latest moronic off-field choice: former Heisman Trophy winner and current Arizona Cardinal QB Matt Leinart at a party assisting underage girls in getting drunk.

What is going through his head? Hasn't he ever heard of Mark Chmura?

Need I say more...?

I guess he doesn't value his career very much. Or his freedom. 

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