WWE News: Fandango Makes Classic Apperance on Opie and Anthony Show (Video)

Gone Baby GoneContributerApril 3, 2013

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

For several weeks now, SiriusXM host Greg "Opie" Hughes has been touting Vince McMahon's latest brainchild Fandango.

Hughes has been an on-again-off-again WWE fan and recently admitted that the Fandango persona has brought him back in.

On Wednesday morning, Fandango stopped by The Opie and Anthony Show to drop off some WrestleMania tickets.

During his time there, he was oiled up by comedian Jim Norton, and then in typical fashion asked Norton to pronounce his name. Once the comedian failed, Fandango revealed why he was there and attempted to get everyone in the studio to properly say his name.

Overall, it was a solid appearance by the budding star. That being said, I am not usually a fan of wrestlers who don't break character during interviews. However, it appears that as long as Johnny Curtis a.k.a. Fandango is playing this role, he will not be able to break kayfabe.

The fact is, Curtis may be a great interview, but unlike many of his peers, his on-air character supersedes the man himself.

Ultimately, the WWE is doing a great job at keeping its featured WrestleMania stars in the media this week. Let's face it, the company could easily have relied on The Rock and John Cena all week and still have generated a ton of buzz for this week’s pay-per-view.

Instead, it has incorporated several of its wrestlers in this media blitz and has ensured that none of Opie and Anthony's listeners will ever forget the name Fandango.