The (Horrible ,Candy Cane,Barber Pole, Pajama Top) Hockey Sweater

Scott WeldonCorrespondent IApril 20, 2009

             What happened to the dream season that Montreal Canadiens fans had envisioned? It was the 100th anniversary of the Habitants existence as a hockey team. This was supposed to be the magic year where Les Glorieux were to regain their rightful spot in the hockey cosmos. Their talented fast skating team buttressed by two young stud goalies was supposed to return from the wilderness and win the Stanley Cup on this centenniel.

     It would have been a surprise but not a shock if they'd managed it. Montreal has won cups before when no one expected them to. Victories in 1970-71, 1985-86 and 1992-93 were certainly unexpected at the time. 

     I'm not one who believes in luck or magic or really much of anything but logic and rationality and the numbers. You follow the numbers and there's an answer in there. I've been told the LA Kings had to change their uniforms to a silver and black because you couldn't win with purple and gold uniforms. I guess someone forgot to tell the LA Lakers that. I've seen the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win their division and challenge in the playoffs four years after inception wearing an orange/pinkish uniform that took the concept of gay pirate to new levels. I've seen the Anaheim Mighty Ducks win a stanley cup with a moniker and a uniform that doesn't look intimidating in a saturday morning cartoon. And Speaking of Silver and Black ,has anyone noticed how the Raiders have done the last ten years? My point is it's not the uniform,it's the team.

       Yet as I watched on Super Bowl Sunday my habs lose to the Bruins wearing a sweater that made them look fat and sleepy at the same time,I couldn't help thinking that it was this magically unlucky sweater that did them in. I mean the 1912-13 Montreal Canadiens who last wore this striped monstrosity in earnest went 9-11 despite hall of famer Newsy Lalondes 28 goals. How can the modern day habs with no 28 goal scorers of their own in an eighty-two game season be expected to survive this black cat ,this broken mirror,jinx of a sweater? Sadly it seems they have not.

       Perhaps if they rebrand in some sort of Silver and Black pirate motif they can get back their mojo and win it all next year.