EA Sports NCAA Football 14 Releases First Gameplay Video

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It was recently announced that Denard Robinson was going to be on the cover of NCAA Football 14. Now, EA Sports has decided to hit you with a short video that shows the improved gameplay of the hit video game that will be released on July 9 for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

This is just a teaser before the game actually is in stores, but boy is it sweet. Players are now able to stop on a dime, cut in the open field to make defenders miss much easier and there is an acceleration boost added to the game as well.

Yes, just like in real life, defenders are now at a disadvantage. Playing with De'Anthony Thomas of the Oregon Ducks is now off limits to anybody and everybody. As if he needed any more help to be unstoppable in a video game, his position has now been given added moves and a button that makes guys run even faster.

Also added to the game are real life physics. Being able to put multiple hats on the ball, break free of tackles and make ridiculous hits in midair are just some of the other incredible additions to this year’s game. Well, at least there are some new features to help you out on the defensive side of the ball.

The graphics are amazing and should get any college football fan excited for the upcoming season. Considering the game is released before then, this game should certainly help you provide you with your fix until the actual season kicks off.

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