Drake Bell Throws Katherine Webb into Pool and Louie Anderson Freaks on 'Splash'

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterApril 3, 2013

Photo Credit: Busted Coverage
Photo Credit: Busted Coverage

So now they are just throwing Katherine Webb into the pool on that hit diving show Splash

On Tuesday night, a bunch of B-List celebrities walked up a ladder to diving boards of various heights and once again jumped in. 

Busted Coverage managed to corral some of the best images from the night, which just so happens to be Drake & Josh's Drake Bell hoisting the much taller Katherine Webb onto his shoulder and the pair diving in, from 10 meters. 

The dive is called a javelin, which sounds better than "The One Where Two People Just Kind of Fall Into a Pool Without Dying."

In case you were wondering what a Lilliputian actor throwing a budding star into a pool might look like, here are some of the more grandiose images from Busted Coverage

For the actual video, we spotted this one that is still live on YouTube. Not quite sure how long that will last, so get your Webb watching in now. 

For the most part, Splash has been a good amount of dives any group of friends would attempt if they had access to a 10-meter diving board, a sweet pool and courage. 

However, this one was impressive, if only because I have a specific body type that negates anyone from being able to lift me and eliminates all hope I could lift anyone else.

Other than that, the two stars kind of just let gravity guide them into the pool as gracefully as possible. Except for Bell, because his little leggies flail and hit the water with the grace of Louie Anderson jumping into anything. 

Speaking of Anderson, let's give a slow clap to the best personality on the show.

I have always had a soft spot for the portly comedian since Life with Louie, which was really Bobby's World minus the iconic voice. 

Anderson's reaction to this dive really sold it for me. He acts like he just saw Jared from Subway coming out of a Burger King. 

That's when I thought to myself; perhaps this really was the most epic event I have ever seen

I will look to Louie Anderson for my reactions from now on, because life just seems more fun that way. 

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