The Sandman VS the Assasin

Jen AnianoSenior Analyst IApril 2, 2008

James Irvin and Houston Alexander met in the octagon at UFC fight night. 

Irvin stepped into the cage with a height and reach advantage. Irvin has a background in vale-tudo with a 13-4-1 professional record. Alexander has background in muay thai and wrestling with an 8-2 professional record.

One super man punch to the head stopped the fight. Irvin the victor within eight seconds.

Some may argue the fight was stopped too soon.  Since Rogan's commentary supported the decision the MMA community will most likely support the decision.

Alexander trains hard and works hard.  He has proved his ability. When refs discretion is involved bad decisions do happen. 

Alexander has been given two tough brakes.  If given the chance he has the ability to prevail.

Irvin demonstrated poor taste in his post fight interview with Rogan.  Alexander is not a bad guy and does not have bad things to say about people. Irvin being a soar winner was unnecessary.  

For now Alexander will have to hit the gym and Irvin can hit the parking lot.