John IntraterCorrespondent IJune 22, 2006

IconSoccer is great. Don't get me wrong, I love World Cup soccer and watch the majority of games. But I find myself almost rooting for other teams as much as the USA.  And if you have seen us play at all in this year's World Cup, you will know why.  The United States team is just not fun to watch. In fact, they are depressing to watch. They don't move the ball. They don't attack. They remind me of my AYSO team the Silver Ninjas.
This year was supposed to be different.  We got to the quarterfinals last time, so who knows how far we would go this year. But not even scoring one single goal until our final game is pathetic. In order to sneak into the next round, all we need to do is win this one game (and have Italy win, who is currently up 1-0).
Now I am writing this at the halftime after watching the US stink it up once again. And who knows, they could prevail.  But after giving up two goals in the first half, one in the final minute, I'm reminded of why no one cares about US soccer, even a sports enthusiast like myself. Its not because of the sport, but because of the product.  Can someone tell me when Matt Cain is suposed to pitch next?