Match Listing, Names Interviewed and Preview for Upcoming Mick Foley DVD

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IIApril 2, 2013


Mick Foley will be inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame on April 6th. A little over a week later, WWE will release a three disc DVD on his career.

As with other recent WWE DVD's, the first disc of For All Mankind: The Life and Career of Mick Foley will contain a feature-length documentary. has revealed the names interviewed for that documentary, and it includes some of the biggest names in the history of the business, including The Rock, Triple H and CM Punk.

The full list is as follows:
• Mick Foley
• Jim Gray (Mick’s childhood friend)
• John Imbriani (Mick’s friend)
• Dominic Denucci (WWF wrestler in the 70s and Mick’s wrestling trainer)
• Shane Douglas
• Michael Hayes
• Vader 
• CM Punk
• Paul Heyman
• Terry Funk
• Joey Styles
• Jim Ross
• Triple H
• Shawn Michaels
• Mick’s daughter
• William Regal
• Big Show
• Judith Regan (Founder of ReganBooks, which published Foley’s book)
• The Miz
• The Rock 

Superstars like The Rock, Triple H and, of course, Terry Funk all had a huge impact on Mick's career, and it will be great to see them regale fans with their respective Foley stories. 

Fans can also likely look forward to Michael Hayes, Jim Ross and Paul Heyman discussing Foley's career progression from a backstage point of view.

When it comes to the man himself, according to the report:

"Mick goes on record of saying he didn’t like his WrestleMania 20 match, that coming back in 2000 to wrestle was one of the worst decisions he ever made, and how after the infamous Hell in a Cell bumps Vince McMahon came up to him and said he doesn’t want to see anything like that ever again. Foley considers the time period of his role as WWF Commissioner the best of his career."

The report states that there is, "Plenty of WCW, NWA, ECW and other organisation footage within," roughly 15 minutes dedicated to Hell in a Cell at King of the Ring 1998 and his run as Commissioner Foley.

As you'd expect, no reference of his time in TNA is made, as it's said that "they basically stop talking about [his wrestling career] after his match with Edge at WM22." 

The DVD will be released in the U.S. on April 16 and includes some of Mick's greatest matches between 1986 and 2000, listed in full below:

Jack Foley / Les Thornton vs. The British Bulldogs
Superstars September 1986

Cactus Jack / Gary Young vs. Scott Steiner / Billy Travis
AWA All Star Wrestling October 1988

Cactus Jack Manson vs. Brickhouse Brown
Wild West Wrestling April 1989

Cactus Jack vs. Keith Hart
Power Hour March 1990

Submit or Surrender Match
Cactus Jack vs. Sting
Power Hour November 1991

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Cactus Jack vs. Van Hammer
Clash of the Champions XVIII 21st January, 1992

Barbed Wire Match
Cactus Jack vs. Sandman
Ft. Lauderdale, FL May 1995

Cactus Jack vs. Shane Douglas
CyberSlam February 1996

Mankind vs. Rocky Maivia
IYH: Cold Day in Hell 11th May, 1997

Mankind vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
IYH: Canadian Stampede 6th July, 1997

Dude Love vs. Rocky Maivia
RAW 17th November, 1997

Hell in a Cell
Mankind vs. Undertaker
King of the Ring 28th June, 1998

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Mankind / Kane vs. New Age Outlaws
RAW 13th July, 1998

WWE Championship Match
Mankind vs. The Rock
IYH: Rock Bottom 13th December, 1998

WWE Tag Team Championship
Mankind / The Rock vs. Triple H / Shane McMahon
SmackDown 2nd September, 1999

Mankind vs. Al Snow
SmackDown 16th December, 1999

Hell In A Cell—Retirement Match
Cactus Jack vs. Triple H
No Way Out 27th February, 2000

As mentioned, the DVD will be released April 16th in the U.S., with European and Australian releases to follow in late April or early May.