Michigan Football: Spring Practice Injury Updates

Austin FoxCorrespondent IIApril 2, 2013

Michigan Football: Spring Practice Injury Updates

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    The Michigan team has seen a number of players go down with injury over the past year or so, and it would be nice to hear how some of them are doing.

    So just what is the status of those who were stricken with injury on this Michigan roster?

    Here's a brief update on the players who are contributors or at least have the potential to be.

    All information and reports found at thewolverine.com.

Russell Bellomy

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    Russell Bellomy recently tore his ACL in spring practices. What does this mean?

    It means that Michigan has lost its backup quarterback, and that Shane Morris probably won't be afforded the luxury to redshirt.

    As long as nothing happens to Devin Gardner, though, this shouldn't be a big deal. If tragedy struck and Gardner did wind up going down with an injury also, Morris would likely be his replacement.

    Some people had written off Bellomy anyway, but those naysayers were just overreacting badly to the Nebraska performance.

    Heck, some people had even written off Gardner after his play in the 2011 season, but look how that one is turning out.

Blake Countess

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    It's actually pretty amazing that Michigan's pass defense was as good as it was in 2012 when considering Countess wasn't even a part of it.

    He is expected to make a full recovery, though, and should be all set for the 2013 season.

    Such little information is being leaked out of Michigan's practices these days, so it's hard to know how much Countess is even participating; keeping the public and media out is a good thing, though.

    Assuming he is his old self once the season begins, he and Ray Taylor might just form the best corner duo in the Big Ten.

Antonio Poole

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    Antonio Poole had a decent chance of contributing last season, but he was lost to injury before it even began.

    Now a redshirt sophomore, his time may have come and gone. He is being passed on the depth chart by the younger linebackers, partly because of his nagging injuries.

    Again, we don't know how much (if at all) Poole is participating in spring drills, but unfortunately things don't look good.

    Once somebody fans had high hopes for, it looks like Poole may never be a contributor, as injuries have derailed his entire career.

Kaleb Ringer

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    Kaleb Ringer redshirted last year as a freshman due to injuries. Even if he wouldn't have gotten hurt he probably still would have redshirted.

    Ringer was the least heralded linebacker of the great 2012 linebacking crop; in fact, James Ross and Joe Bolden, who were also in that class, have already made a big impact on this team.

    Royce Jenkins-Stone, the final member of that '12 linebacking unit, may not be far from contributing either. Needless to say Ringer will have an uphill battle for playing time.

    Even if he is fully healthy by the time the 2013 season starts, it's unlikely he'll contribute on this team.

Chris Bryant

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    Chris Bryant's story is very similar to Antonio Poole's. Bryant is also being passed on the depth chart by youngsters, with injuries being the main reason why.

    Like Poole, hopes were once very high for Bryant, but injuries caused him to miss all of last season. It is now hard to picture him ever starting.

    Fortunately, he should at least contribute, though. Michigan is in desperate need of able bodies along the offensive line, and Bryant can at least provide that.

    Expect Bryant, now a redshirt sophomore, to see the field for the first time here in 2013 as a backup lineman.

Jake Ryan

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    I'm only going to touch briefly on Jake Ryan, just because he's been talked about so much lately anyway.

    He is expected to miss the entire 2013 season and will not be eligible for a medical hardship waiver, which would grant him a sixth year of eligibility.

    This means that the 2014 season would be his last, as he would then be a fifth-year senior.

    If he dedicates himself to his rehab program and works as hard as he possibly can, then he should recover fully. For anyone who knows Ryan's attitude, it's obvious that dedication and perseverance won't be an issue with him.

    The best we can hope for now is a quick and full recovery for his sake.

Chris Wormley

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    It's a shame that Chris Wormley got hurt last year as a freshman, because odds are he was going to play.

    His injury caused him to redshirt and he should now come back stronger than ever here in 2013. Wormley will, without a doubt, be one of many defensive ends who works their way into the rotation this fall.

    Michigan has so many good young ends, that it wouldn't be a surprise if a few of them saw time at tackle, including Wormley.

    Watch out for this kid as a redshirt freshman, as even though he probably won't start, he should still play a huge role on this defensive line.

Fitzgerald Toussaint

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    We end here with Fitz Toussaint, arguably the most important man on this entire list.

    Toussaint is progressing at an amazing rate, as he is actually taking part in a few non-contact drills in practice. At the rate he's going, one would think he'd be ready for the 2013 opener. However, that's still a big IF.

    Toussaint's leg injury occurred on Nov. 17 last year against Iowa, and we usually don't see this kind of progress this quickly.

    If he somehow is ready for fall camp, though, he will still face plenty of competition for the starting running back job; guys like Derrick Green, Thomas Rawls and Drake Johnson will all pose a realistic challenge.

    Now a fifth-year senior, Toussaint is determined to bounce back and end his career on a high note, not letting this leg injury define him.