Best and Worst 2013 NBA April Fool's Jokes

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistApril 1, 2013

SPRINGFIELD, MA - AUGUST 12:   Dennis Rodman gestures during the Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony at Symphony Hall on August 12, 2011 in Springfield, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
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NBA players, owners, fans, everybody seems to be incredibly gullible every time April Fool's Day comes around, regardless of the fact that everyone's crap detectors are on full blast. This year's crop of NBA April Fool's Day jokes suckered in its fair share of rubes.

As the day has gone along, we've heard news of a superstar making an unexpected move, a truck filled with popcorn, a phenom joining a playoff team and some new stuff from one of the NBA's historic bad boys.

The jokes have been in good fun so far, and it hasn't gotten to the point where we're all fed up with the stupid jokes. It seems that the people around the league have found a happy medium without completely over-doing the pseudo-holiday.

Basically, it's being treated exactly as it should. 

As they continue rolling in throughout the evening, we'll keep updating here to give you all the low-down on who is trying to fool us, who is pulling the cheesy pranks and who is falling for the dumb jokes.

Let's start off with a few of the best April Fool's Day pranks that have made their mark so far.


7'10" Chinese Phenom Joins Memphis

Three Shades of Blue reported on general manager Chris Wallace landing perhaps the greatest basketball prospect ever to come out of China.

The young man, Kāi Wán Xiào, a reported 22-year-old, agile 7'10" center was relatively unknown, so Grizzlies managing partner Jason Levien gave fans the low-down on what to expect:

He’s ridiculously tall, athletic and fast. Imagine a taller Dwight Howard with a three-point shot. Face it, the US isn’t producing big men with real skills anymore. Everyone wants to be the next Magic Johnson. He wants to be a better Yao Ming.

Basically, he's a dream come true.

The best bit about the prank was that there was no true reveal. You had to put a bit of research into the guy before you found out the truth.

Kāi Wán Xiào translated into English is "to play a joke" or "to make fun of."

That's a solid leg-pulling right there.


Rookie Pranking

It happened yesterday, but we can go ahead and assume that the Cleveland Cavaliers were just getting a bit of good-hearted pranking practice in for April Fool's Day.

The victim? Dion Waiters.

Cavs rookie @dionwaiters3 was the victim of some rookie hazing from his teammates…

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) March 31, 2013

There's still no word on who filled Waiters' truck with the buttery snack, but let's hope they keep being awesome.

What's best about seeing the Cavs prank Waiters is realizing that they've got about 384 draft picks over the next few seasons, so there should be plenty of stuff like this going on among this young, fun-loving squad.


Dennis Rodman Continues Helping

Minnesota threw together a few pranks for April Fool's Day, one which poked fun at Dennis Rodman continuing his recent tradition of diplomatic work.

The St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce announced that they had reached out to Rodman to settle their own territorial dispute, this one being with twin city Minneapolis.

Matt Kramer, the chamber president, said of the people of Minneapolis (Via CBS Minnesota):

They are good people, odd for sure, but good people nonetheless.

While the Aquatennial is a weak-kneed imitation of a true Minnesotan Festival like the Winter Carnival, and no Minneapolis Mayor has yet to skate Crashed Ice as a Saint Paul Mayor has done, we mean no malice to our cousins in commerce across the river. It is our hope that Mr. Rodman can find that common ground that has so long eluded us.

Our differences divide us when our similarities should unite us.

With North Korea now vocally aggressive toward South Korea, something tells me we can expect an all-out war between Minneapolis and St. Paul in the next few weeks.

So far there's only been one joke to come out a bit flat, and that's mostly based on the timing in the NBA season.


LeBron Goes Back

The Cleveland Plain Dealer had a bit of fun with local sports fans, printing a page in today's paper with a huge headline reading "LeBron Re-Signs With Cavs."

Perhaps I'm just a stick in the mud or maybe I'm just too big a stickler for detail, but the fact that it's a few weeks away from the playoffs and LeBron has another year left in his contract seems to throw this one off for me.

It's silly, sure, but it's too impossible to make sense (writes the guy who legitimately believed that Memphis signed a 7'10" Chinese dude).

The CPD did have some good alternate "prank" headlines, my favorite of which read "Cleveland Orchestra Move to Baltimore, Hopes to Retain Cleveland Name." However, "Browns win Super Bowl" was solid as well.


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