Rhino: TNA's Resident Waste Of Space

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Rhino: TNA's Resident Waste Of Space
(Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

In 2005, one of the most recognizable wrestlers in ECW and WWE joined TNA to make an impact. Unfortunatly, this man has been a huge waste of space in TNA.

I'm talking about the "War Machine," Rhino.

Rhino joined TNA and has literally done nothing for the company. In the beginning, he had some pretty great feuds with Abyss, Christian Cage, and James Strom.

But as of late, he has been mixed and mashed into every random feud in TNA. One day he is in the Frontline, the next he joins Taylor Wilde in a feud with the Beautiful People, and now he is in some patriotic feud with Sheik Bashir.

Now, how many of these feuds lasted more than two months? I don't even think they've lasted one month. There is just no room for Rhino in TNA.

The only superstars in TNA that do not have feuds are Bruts Magnus, Rhaka Khan, Shark Boy, and Shane Sewel. Out of all of those, there is nobody who could build a legitimate feud with Rhino. He is basically a waste of talent.

Don't get me wrong, I respect Rhino for all he's done in ECW, WWE, and his early TNA days, but now there is nothing for him to do. It seems as all he can do to get on camera is bring in a fat guy dressed as a marine who was never to be seen again.

Recently on Lockdown, Rhino came in to gore Danny Bonaduce. What is that supposed to do? We all know Bonaduce won't be on Impact to address the situation.

Rhino has nothing to offer to TNA as long as TNA has nothing to offer Rhino.

He is really just a waste of talent who, in my opinion, would be better suited going back to WWE

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