Football's 8 Most Entertaining People on Instagram

Sam Tighe@@stighefootballWorld Football Tactics Lead WriterApril 1, 2013

Football's 8 Most Entertaining People on Instagram

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    First came Twitter, where we could see what the footballing stars in our worlds were talking about.

    Now we've gone one further, and with Instagram being an instant hit, select footballers post pictures to illustrate their lives for their fans in more than just words.

    We detail eight of the top footballers to check in on with Instagram.

Megan Rapinoe

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    Account: @mrapinoe

    Megan Rapinoe is worth a follow on Instagram purely because of the odd, but interesting, pictures she posts.

    It could be a statue pulling an odd face, setting a new standard for football coaching or some geographical wonders—take your pick!


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    Account: @kaka

    Kaka is responsible for revealing that Real Madrid players are all children at heart—three of them playing Nintendo DS games on the plane home is not what you'd expect at all.

    He posts upbeat religious messages, motivational mini-posters (which he probably reads himself considering his lack of playing time) and some wonderful scenery shots as he travels the world.

Cesc Fabregas

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    Account: @cescf4bregas

    Cesc Fabregas has a lot of mates, by the looks of things.

    He posts pictures with everyone he can conceivably find, including Barcelona teammates, Spanish national side teammates and others at impressive-looking events.

    He also seems to have a lot of football boots hanging around.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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    Account: @cristiano

    Cristiano Ronaldo spends a lot of his time showing off all the custom-made football boots Nike constantly sends him, effectively making him one of the greatest advertising ploys in the world.

    Other times, he's spending good time with illustrious company or posting a large quantity of pictures of himself playing for Real Madrid.

Juan Mata

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    Account: @juanmatagarcia

    Training at Chelsea Football Club looks pretty fun, especially when training consists of playing table tennis!

    Juan Mata is a regular man just like everyone else: He sits in tube stations just like us and gets stuck in traffic just like us.

    A bonus for Chelsea fans is that Mata often tweets pictures of his side's method of transport and accommodation, giving them an inkling of what it's like on the road as a footballer.

Thiago Silva

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    Account: @thiagosilva_33

    Thiago Silva gives both Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil fans a wonderful insight into life as a captain and player.

    He posted numerous photos during his recovery from injury, shares pictures of his wife and gets pretty involved with the mirror whenever possible—a trait many of Brazil's national performers seem to share.

Alex Morgan

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    Account: @alex_morgan13

    Alex Morgan is no longer simply a national U.S. treasure; she's a worldwide sensation.

    She's entertaining, fun-loving, smiley and easy on the eyes, making her Instagram account of particular interest.

    When she's not parading Olympic medals or meeting global stars, she's posting inspiring pictures of workouts or sharing advertising campaigns.


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    Account: @njunior11

    Neymar doesn't take his 900,000 followers for granted.

    The Brazilian prodigy works hard to please an insatiable audience by feeding them constant pictures, detailing hair styles, training regimes, parties and Santos jerseys.

    When Brazil's national team meets up, he goes a little bit mental with the photos, it must be said.