Top Five Moves That Could've Made the Pro Wrestling Draft Better

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IApril 19, 2009

As you all know the WWE draft just passed. It was ok, but it was way too predictable. But besides predictability it still had good moves. But there where moves that could of made it even better. So here we go...

5. Maria to Raw

It would have been really cool to see this beautiful diva returning to Raw. Raw was amazing when Maria was around. She was really at the top of her game here. We also saw a lot of awesome moments from her here including a lot of hilarious ones.

She was a big presence in the divas locker room an we could've really used her back on Raw. But sadly the WWE doesn't agree.

4. Umaga to ECW

Does anyone actually remember the last time Umaga competed. Umaga is an amazing monster, but he never really fit in with SmackDown. If the WWE had sent him to ECW then that would have been amazing. The Samoan Bulldozer competing on ECW would be great. Let's face it Umaga hasn't really been that great of a wrestler recently.

He's also gotten weak competition like Hurricane Helms and Jimmy Wang Yang. Not really the people that you make a name for yourself from. Seeing him going to ECW and winning the title would really benefit his career. 

It would also get it back on track. But sadly the WWE doesn't see the same things I do so he'll just be M.I.A. until the next draft (probably less, lol).

3. Swagger to SmackDown

The two time all-American american should not still be on ECW. This man is built for bigger things. He is obviously a strong guy and a pretty good performer who is very young and has a heck of a lot of potential.

So I say, why don't you unlock that potential by sending him to Smackdown? This would have been a huge gain for SmackDown. And a huge career maker for him. But once again sadly the WWE disagreed, oh well.

2. Cena to SmackDown

The only question I have is why the hell did the WWE not move him. Why did they leave him on Raw and not move him to SmackDown where he could continue his feud with Edge. Leaving him on Raw means that nobody will have World title shots anymore unless he's already the champ.

Obviously the World Title is going to SmackDown everybody knows that because they're not going to leave the brand without a major title and it doesn't matter how they get it there (Edge or CM Punk) it'll still be on SmackDown.

And with Triple H and Cena the two biggest title hogs in the WWE on the same brand no one else will be going after the WWE title. So they should have moved Cena so he can go and contend for that title. But again the WWE didn't do it.

1. Undertaker to Raw

It's been a really long while since Undertaker called Raw home! He has been on SmackDown for so long I can't honestly remember the last time he was on Raw(I probably could if I Try but no, lol). This year should of been the time for Undertaker to finally move back to the top show.

Like I said, he's been on SmackDown for too long. There are just no more people to feud with him anymore that haven't already done so or would make it boring.

We honestly need him on Raw. So it's time for the Deadman to tell SmackDown to Rest In Peace and say hello to Raw again where he can take more peoples souls that he already doesn't have. But the WWE decided to keep him on SmackDown so yeah.


Is there any other move that would help? Go ahead and let me know below.