Now What Do We Do? Tips on Surviving Until Fall Practice

Razorback ExpatsSenior Analyst IApril 19, 2009

ATLANTA - DECEMBER 2: Quarterback Casey Dick #11 of the Arkansas Razorbacks drops back to hand off the ball against the Florida Gators during the 2006 SEC Championship Game at the Georgia Dome December 2, 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

It seems like ages have passed since Casey Dick went out a winner in Little Rock last November. The good vibe from the LSU game got us through not having a bowl game to go to ourselves.

The basketball season, well, the less said the better. But now that spring practice has concluded for the football team (Red 49, White 21) we are left with getting through the rest of this month, May, June, and July without much going on with the football program.

I hope the baseball team manages to make some more positive headlines, but for me it is going to be months of wishing the kickoff to the football season would hurry up and get here.

In that spirit, I wrote the following ideas down as ways you can deal with these football-less months we have ahead of us. Feel free to add any tips of your own in the comment section.

1.) Have a contest with a friend on who can watch on youtube London Crawford’s catch in the LSU game more than the other. As to the count, both of you will have to be on the honor system. You can make a prize or wager, but considering you are both watching a victory over LSU unfold, there are no real losers here. Well, except LSU, of course.

2.) Read back pages of Razorbackexpats. Focus on five out of the twelve games played last year.

3.) Turn the temperature down in your house as low as it can go, put on your cold weather Hog gear, gather family and friends into your smallest bathroom until you are packed in like red and white sardines, do the Hog call a few times, call it a victory, and then see who among you can write the best Wally Hall imitation column recapping the imaginary game. Give a free Mexican dinner to the winner.

4.) Create a spreadsheet from the summer college football magazines based on their predictions for the 2009 season. Get pissed about what is certain to be their lack of optimism (compared to your own), write your most homer-esque letters to them, and then come back down to earth before you waste any money on a stamp.

5.) Alternative to the above. Just read the magazines at Wal Mart, still get pissed about their lack of faith in the Hogs, but save yourself the expense of the magazine itself.

6.) On your summer vacation at the beach, put your sand sculpting abilities to good use and create a sand Hog and then just dare the ocean to mess with it.

7.) Discover how fireworks and stuffed mascots from other SEC schools make a wonderful combination about around July the 4th.