Watch Vanilla Ice Take Milwaukee Bucks Fans Down Memory Lane

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistMarch 31, 2013

Vanilla Ice performed at halftime of the Milwaukee Bucks-Oklahoma City Thunder game on Saturday night, and it was every bit as awesome as it sounds. 

Vanilla Ice introduced as: "The Star of the Vanilla Ice Project on the DIY Network." I'm pretty sure that's where we know him from.

—Jeremy Schmidt (@Bucksketball) March 31, 2013

Overly decked out with smoke machines, dancers and a ridiculous number of hype men, Vanilla Ice gave the crowd a taste of "Ice Ice Baby" that wounded just as fresh as the day it was released back in 1990.

At the very least it was a smoother, more impressive performance than the one he gave at halftime of the Detroit Pistons-Denver Nuggets halftime show back in 2010 when technical difficulties led to a delayed start.

The performance was all a part of the Bucks' '90s night. The Bucks were decked out in the mid-'90s uniforms with the wispy deer plastered across the front; fans got throwback-themed team posters; prizes were given to those dressed in their best '90s gear, and the entertainment throughout the night was '90s based.

Is it true that the @bucks '90s Night just so happens to fall on MC Hammer's birthday? Yep, that's true.

—Dustin Godsey (@dgodz) March 30, 2013

Vanilla Ice gave us a closer look into the evening with a few pictures and tweets here and there.

Talk about slam dunk. LOL…

—Vanilla Ice (@vanillaice) March 31, 2013

That's him holding the ball up for the assist.

In the end the Bucks lost the game to Oklahoma City 109-99, but we're all winners for having seen Vanilla Ice back behind the microphone.

Let other NBA teams take note, this is a promotion done the right way.