WWE WrestleMania 29 Weekend: PWS SuperCard Night 2 Predictions

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WWE WrestleMania 29 Weekend: PWS SuperCard Night 2 Predictions

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    The Friday night before WrestleMania 29, Pro Wrestling Syndicate will host its second night of SuperCard action. On this night, Big Van Vader returns as the guest commissioner. Plus, various wrestling legends will be making appearances, including former WWE Superstars Bret Hart, Superstar Billy Graham, Dr. Tom Prichard, Paul Orndorff, Eugene and former WWE Diva Lita, among others.

    Unlike Night 1, I will be in attendance for PWS SuperCard Night 2.

    To read my predictions for PWS SuperCard Night 1, click here.

    Here is a breakdown of the scheduled matches for Pro Wrestling Syndicate’s SuperCard Night 2 on Friday, April 5.


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    New Jack will be ending his 21-year run as a professional wrestler at PWS SuperCard on Friday, April 5. His match will be against Necro Butcher, who is known for his time with Beyond Wrestling, Firestormpro, Ring of Honor, Full Impact Pro, IWA-Mid South, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Big Japan Pro Wrestling and Combat Zone Wrestling.

    The outcome of a wrestler’s final match is always tricky to predict. In WWE, generally those Superstars lose their final matches. Think Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and even Bret Hart in the Montreal Screwjob.

    In February, former WWE, WCW and ECW Superstar Jerry Lynn defeated Lance Storm in his last match with PWS.

    Therefore, the most logical situation would see New Jack leave New Jersey victorious.


    Prediction: New Jack wins

INTERNATIONAL DREAM FIGHT: John Morrison vs. Jushin Liger

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    John Morrison returns Friday night, this time against Japanese professional wrestler Jushin Liger, who has also been added to PWS’s Thursday night action.

    On Thursday, Morrison will square off against Elijah Burke, while Liger has been added to Davey Richards and Tony Nese’s match, making it a triple-threat.

    While I expect Morrison to defeat Burke on Thursday, Liger’s addition to the Thursday show makes this match more difficult to predict.

    Morrison and Liger are both incredible athletes who will provide great, high-flying action in Metuchen, New Jersey.

    I don’t see Liger winning the triple-threat match on Thursday, so I expect him to win this equally difficult one on Friday night.

PWS TITLE MATCH: Anthony Nese vs. Kevin Matthews (c)

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    If “Too Cocky” Kevin Matthews retains the PWS title on Thursday night, he will defend the belt against Anthony Nese on Friday night. Since I expect Matthews to retain the title against Colt Cabana on Thursday night, let’s assume this match is for the PWS Heavyweight title.

    It’s an odd match for Pro Wrestling Syndicate since both Nese and Matthews are considered heels in the promotion.  Nese has been on quite the losing streak in PWS since losing the Tri-State title to StarMan in November.

    Regardless, with Matthews on a winning streak and Nese on a losing one, I expect Too Cocky to end Super Card still PWS champion.


    Prediction: Kevin Matthews retains PWS title.

PWS TRI-STATE TITLE: Trent Barreta vs. Alex Reynolds

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    If “Yours Truly” Alex Reynolds retains the PWS Tri-State title against StarMan on Thursday, he will defend the title against former WWE Superstar Trent Barretta.

    Barretta was released from WWE in January of this year and has been working the independent scene ever since. He will face Sonjay Dutt on PWS Super Card Night 1, where I expect him to be victorious.

    However, since Trent Barretta is only making his first appearances with Pro Wrestling Syndicate, it is difficult to imagine him winning the midcard title.

    If Barretta plans on being a regular wrestler for PWS, then it is possible. However, I expect the entire weekend to belong to PWS heel faction Reality Check, of which Reynolds is a member.

    Therefore, I expect Reynolds to retain his title.


    Prediction: Alex Reynolds retains PWS Tri-State title.

Other Scheduled Matches

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    Hurricane Shane Helms and Starman
    vs. Chris Chetti and Nova (one-time reunion)

    Prediction: Hurricane Shane Helms and StarMan

    Pat Buck vs. Tommy Dreamer

    Prediction: Pat Buck

    Lance Anoia vs. Sonjay Dutt

    Prediction: Sonjay Dutt

    The Drunken Swashbuckler vs. The Sheik vs.
    Devon Moore vs. Cassidy Riley vs. Micah Taylor
    vs. Bonesaw

    Prediction: The Sheik


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    Those are my predictions for Pro Wrestling Syndicate's SuperCard Night 2 on Friday, April 5 in Metuchen, New Jersey. SuperCard 2013 is looking to be just that, super great, with tons of amazing action and appearances from wrestlers of the past, present and future.

    For more information on PWS and their events during WrestleMania 29 weekend and beyond, click here.

    Pro Wrestling Syndicate continues to provide wrestling fans with a great combination of past Superstars and a group of new talent beginning their careers in the wrestling business.

    What are your thoughts on my predictions for Pro Wrestling Syndicate's SuperCard Night 2? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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